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The Crown's Matt Smith 'forms close friendship with Claire Foy after splitting from Lily James


the former The Crown costars worked together at a play at the Old Vic and are still spending time together

Matt Smith dated Lily James for five years but they have not been seen together for months

Claire Foy divorced her husband Stephen Campbell Moore last year

you might remember pap pics of them playfully holding hands
Tags: british celebrities, matt smith, the crown (netflix)
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Wait. 5 years? Did i not know this information or i just don't remember. Oh wells. These women can do better.
They both can do better lbr
Lily James is so fucking pretty and charming, I cannot imagine what was going through the mind of a man who dated her for five years and didn't marry her. I was ready to swear off men and propose to her like five minutes into Mamma Mia 2. Ya fucked up, Matt!
what the fuck
I mean. Just from the stuff with Karen it seems like this is just how Matt is with his friends. I hope Claire didn’t turn around and do Lily dirty like her ex did to her.
team lily only
I really thought they were gonna get married bc she seemed so into him

lily seems like such a joy though!

Surely Lily James can do better but she’s 30 now so she might be looking at 40+ if she wants to date another actor/guy with money :(

Like someone pointed out he and Karen seemed also close but it was clearly not like that so I would not be surprised if he and Claire were also close but not in that way~ When you work with someone for so long and you happen to get along it can go either way I guess.
They would be cute together, ngl. But maybe it's The Crown fan in me talking...
I think he’s really flirty tbh
Like with Karen I got that impression and that’s why people thought they were fucking
I’m oddly invested in this cause I like everyone in involved in the possible mess.

Lily seems delightful so I hope it wasn’t a shitty situation.
But I also really like Matt. And I like Claire. They have a lot of chemistry but I thought it was just friendly.
I don't are about this clay face, but Lily is a fucking queen. I hope she gets herself an upgrade.
just came here to say he looks like a fucking FOOT
Lily James is so damn hot
in the alternate universe I wish I was living in, Claire and Lily leave that fugly dude behind and get with each other instead

but tbh his acting in The Crown endeared me to him a little bit, just wish he didn't look so much like a foot.
Ick it’s the daily fail. Matt’s touchy feely with most of his costars, no?

I liked Eleven a lot but Matt is fug. My mom still calls him ~the doctor who that was played by an actual alien~ so 🤷🏻‍♀️
Why do women suffer through relationships with sewer rat looking men?
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