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The Crown's Matt Smith 'forms close friendship with Claire Foy after splitting from Lily James


the former The Crown costars worked together at a play at the Old Vic and are still spending time together

Matt Smith dated Lily James for five years but they have not been seen together for months

Claire Foy divorced her husband Stephen Campbell Moore last year

you might remember pap pics of them playfully holding hands
Tags: british celebrities, matt smith, the crown (netflix)
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He is so fug buuuut whenever I watched any interview of Claire and Matt they were really cute so I could be hft
He's hung out with Karen Gillan before, too, so they could just be good friends after working together for so long. But the relationship timing does make it suspicious, so I could see it going either way.
People thought he hooked up with Karen too at the time (I don’t think they did tbh)

But he has a pattern of female costars adoring him so he can’t be that bad. He’s really charming.

I want to believe but the more I read the comments in this post the more suspicious this looks.
whenever there is a post about his love life i never know which i find more shocking; that he's apparently straight or that he can pull multiple women this beautiful
You get gay vibes from him?
i legit thought he was for years on Doctor Who but he's probably just extremely British i guess lol


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4 days ago

It sounds like made up drama.

They broke up and now he's being "consoled" by Claire. They're friends and working together. Good grief. LOL
Idk why but I found him hot on the first season of The Crown. Judge away, I'm judging myself too.
I know he isn't conventionally attractive, but I'd totally bone Matt Smith with no shame /shrug
yeah, like, he's not someone I personally feel that way about, but idg people acting like they can't be attracted to someone for reasons other than looks.
People are projecting their issues onto others lol
Me too; he's intelligent and seems like an all around great guy. I'd hit it.
He's funny, he dresses well, is intelligent... what's not to like. Pete Davidson has models on his ass for less!
Ontd. Everyone is ugly apparently.
this thread is why het women stay losin omg


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5 days ago


5 days ago

I mean same but I carry the shame of it lmao

He’s really charming!!
fuck same! I can't explain it, I just want him. And yes, I am very much ashamed of this but I can't help it...
I can't believe I had 5 years to realise Lily was dating Matt and I only find out now. You have failed me ONTD (just kidding, but barely)
Ok but what does Gibbo have to say about this?
lily james deserves better
I see nothing but a close and somewhat tactile friendship tbh.
There's so much head to him, though?
I must've blocked Lily dating this dude from my mind to protect myself. She can do so much better.
oh what a bummer. i was rooting for matt and lily. they seemed like a good fit.
Never would have guessed.
super bummed for lily but also highkey hoping she rebounds with someone younger and hotter bc she deserves it. she was always supportive of matt and in interviews specifically said she was taking more time off between projects to spend with him and for WHAT.
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