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The Crown's Matt Smith 'forms close friendship with Claire Foy after splitting from Lily James


the former The Crown costars worked together at a play at the Old Vic and are still spending time together

Matt Smith dated Lily James for five years but they have not been seen together for months

Claire Foy divorced her husband Stephen Campbell Moore last year

you might remember pap pics of them playfully holding hands
Tags: british celebrities, matt smith, the crown (netflix)
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Lily James is so pretty, I wonder what she saw in that fuggo.
mte his personality is annoying too and she seems sweet
big dick
he also dated Daisy Lowe, right? something else is going on here... good for him, I guess
His female costars adore him and he always dates super pretty girls so it’s his personality

Im a fan of his but lmao lbr
he's got a wart on the tip of his tongue or something lol
all I ever see when I see a pic of him

Even in that pic.. she’s like a ray of sunshine and he is looking like Frankenstein ... Opposites attract I guess ..?
literally the reason why I came into the post was to comment that this guy continually punches above his weight lol. He must be GREAT at sex.
such convenient timing!
i thought they were together for like 2 years i had no clue lily had to suffer through five years of that face i hope she finds someone worthy of her now
Man, talk about a dude who knows how to bat out of his league.

See this incels? It's you and your shit personality, not your appearance.

Right? Incels want to cry but men are way more shallow than women lol


You love to see it said like that.
Loves it


December 2 2019, 17:52:33 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  December 2 2019, 17:53:51 UTC

So many men are delusional. I was on reddit and they were actually saying that men are more likely to "date down" (they mean looks-wise, of course) than women are. Have they taken a look around?
lmao in what world


5 days ago

reddit is so wild to me. the amount dudes well into their 30s who talk like women are these bizarre entities that no one can figure out or approach is fascinating/worrying. how do these people even function


5 days ago


5 days ago


5 days ago

Lmao in what universe
Even the ugliest motherfucker with the worst personality thinks he’s entitled to a super model
I mean just look at your icon!! she loves a fuggo
the number of hot women I know irl vs. the number of hot men… phew boy


4 days ago

LMAO oh my god.
for real, this dude seems to jump from goddess to goddess

i can only assume there must be something charming about him that i'm not seeing
lmaoooo but omg so true
i thought incels cried about women only after rich men and not looks.
Lily James, I’ll console you!
Same same.
get in line!
Right, you can cry on my shoulder
i will be here for you!
Both of these women are out of his league but he seems charming.
Also, Lily talked pretty recently about them finally moving in together, and then a really short time later he was pictured holding hands with Claire. I wonder if that was the nail in the coffin? lol.
My feelings are all over the place about this. I feel bad for Lily, but Claire and Matt have such great chemistry together that I wouldn't mind them together. However, I think both women can do better. Idk I'm a mess
Claire and Matt are really cute but in a friendship way, imo

This was a delight to watch
This was so fucking cute tbh
idk claire was friends with lily too, and her husband cheated on her... so if she goes and does this to someone that's her friend, with her friend? piece of shit.


5 days ago


5 days ago


5 days ago


5 days ago

Lmao this is me rn
I like Matt but both these women are out of his league. And I feel bad for Lily if it was something shady. But I also like Claire lmao.
Claire’s husband cheated on her with the girl from that Naomi Watts Netflix show. Would hope she wouldn’t have turned around and done the same to someone else.

But did anyone see Lily’s cheetah post on IG? Could be nothing or shade.
which post?
I can’t get on Instagram right now but it was a picture of a magazine cover with the title national cheetah with actual cheetahs on it from maybe a month ago.


5 days ago

which girl?


5 days ago

sophie cookson?!
Omg noo that’s so shady
I wanted to believe Matt and Claire were just chaotic besties because I really like Lily too but this is a red flag
what?? no but seriously I know two separate cases of men having serious health issues, their girlfriend/wife nursing them back to health and them cheating on them the minute they were back to normal. is this a male life-affirming ritual scientists know about?
that netflix show was one of the worst things I've ever seen
Sigh. Lily James is perfect. Date me.
lily james is too beautiful and too charming for an ugly mess like matt smith - but so is claire foy
right!? They're both out of his league
smh men deserve nothing


5 days ago

idk why but i'd be here for it
They dated for five years?! Where the hell have I been??? Well, downgrade sry2say
I watched Mama Mia 2 on a plane, what a trash fire. But Lily James is so damn charming.
I liked it a lot more than the first one but I'm 99% sure that's just because of Lily. She elevates everything she's in.
She is just so endearingly cute
the end made me cry like a little bitch. on a plane.
oh my god, it made me cry too and I was so mad about it! I wanted something fun and lighthearted and there I was fuckin weeping away. It's bullshit.
I saw this in the movies and the old couple seating next to me gave it a standing ovation at the end (and by the way there was only us and like three other people in the cinema). I thought it was so cute how into it they were that it made the movie 100% better for me.
Ugh I love that stupid movie so much
she can do better
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