The Midsommar May Queen (shangri__la) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
The Midsommar May Queen

Two more women come forward with Danny Masterson rape allegations

Two more women have come forward with sexual assault allegations against Danny Masterson, bringing the total of victims to six. Three are former Scientologists and three aren't members. Masterson was released from his contract on some Netflix show over the allegations.

All six women allegedly share similar assault details involving cover ups from Masterson's friends and associates, violence and losing consciousness during the assaults.

As of now, Los Angeles district attorney Jackie Lacey hasn't decided whether to press charges against Danny Masterson.

More details and background at the Source
Tags: legal / lawsuit, scientology, sexual misconduct
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Let him rot and all those who continue to associate with this trash bag.
hate him so much
this is sick. he needs to be in PRISON
This is the second time in my whole life I heard the name Jackie Lacey. First time was yesterday, watching a documentary on that crazy piece of crap Yogi, Bikram, a rapist Jackie Lacey also didn't prosecute.
He is a creep that needs to be under the jail.
omg jackie lacey is USELESS i watched the bikram documentary and GIRL. when you gon do something?
also what's ashton kutcher gonna do now? is he still gonna have his rapist friend's back like until now?
are they sitting on this because of the $cientology backlash it will get?
I didn't even think about that. The Scientology church is probably freaking out right now.
Yup. Tony has hinted at fraternization having gone on with political donations and people being photographed with Scientologists. It’s a mess.

Danny will never be up on charges thanks to the DA
Does Kutcher still support him?
Ashton and Mila were partying with him at a wedding early this year and Ashton only fired him because of public pressure so I'd assume yes.
I always wanted to like Mila but considering she married Ashton she probably sucks.


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6 months ago


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6 months ago

men gonna men


December 2 2019, 15:39:20 UTC 6 months ago Edited:  December 2 2019, 15:39:41 UTC

Danny and that gossip girl actor, I want them to go down so bad. They're serial rapists who've got away with this for years. And the people covering for them are scum.
which gossip girl actor?

Deleted comment


6 months ago

All of this.

Those stories that women told about Ed Westwick were so similar too - like he has a down pat modus operandi, and yet he never ended up getting charged because of lack of evidence (not unusual in rape cases), and his fans take that as TOTALLY EXONERATED. It’s disgusting.


6 months ago

Damn I can’t find the number for Whole Man Disposal Services
This comment has made my week and it's only Monday.
Underrated comment
Hopefully The Church of Scientology won't retaliate.
Is there like a magic number of accusers someone has to have for their friends to be like, "shit, maybe I was wrong and he IS a rapist?"
An insider familiar with Lacey’s record suggested to us that the delay might mean that the district attorney was waiting to see if any additional victims showed up to strengthen the case.

Well, now two of them have.
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