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Kesha roundup: Graham Norton interview (with Hillary), makeup with James Charles, AMAs performance

Kesha was a guest on the Graham Norton show alongside Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, and someone else. Hillary was feeling ha.

Watch the full show here if you're in the UK.

Kesha did a video with ONTD's fave sister, James Charles.

Kesha performed Raising Hell at the AMAs and then surprise performed Tik Tok, the audience was living (didn't see this posted tbh).

Sources: 1 2 3 4
Haven't posted in 4ever but wanted to support this queen
Tags: award show - american music awards, beauty / makeup, graham norton, kesha, music / musician (pop)
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I like the brown on her but n o p e at that sither cooperation.
Sister slytherin is the worst

Hope their razor burns will forever itch
Makeup with james charles

Girl why? Doesn't she know about him?
He’s really bad at doing makeup lmao
I think it was more like a politician's version of an awkward just-nod-inthe-right-places.
choosing not to judge her for this collab since we all know this is a good opportunity for her to make some money that isn't attached to her abuser. I only want good things for her.

but I hate him so much.
james charles..really girl?
i wish her the best considering all she's been through but i just can't with her music and/or style

the audience seemed into it though so maybe it sounded a lot better irl than it did in that video
Ever since someone said she looks like post malone, with her dark hair, that's all I see now haha
There are so many beauty influencers she could have worked with. Ugh.
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