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Kesha roundup: Graham Norton interview (with Hillary), makeup with James Charles, AMAs performance

Kesha was a guest on the Graham Norton show alongside Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, and someone else. Hillary was feeling ha.

Watch the full show here if you're in the UK.

Kesha did a video with ONTD's fave sister, James Charles.

Kesha performed Raising Hell at the AMAs and then surprise performed Tik Tok, the audience was living (didn't see this posted tbh).

Sources: 1 2 3 4
Haven't posted in 4ever but wanted to support this queen
Tags: award show - american music awards, beauty / makeup, graham norton, kesha, music / musician (pop)
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Ugh I love her.

Off topic but I have a cut on my right thumb and I hit it every time I scroll or tap my screen and it hurts so. bad.

Maybe it’s a sign to put my phone down 😂
Thinking about who she was marketed as when she first came out, I would never have thought it’s be 2019 and I’d like her as much as I do. I wish her nothing but loads of success and peace.

I also love the random inclusion of Tim Tok because wtf not
I've been watching this season of Graham Norton and I forgot how much fun his show is, I actually enjoyed Lewis Hamilton's interview and I don't give two fucks about F1. During this ep tho, at one point Chelsea Clinton talked over David Mitchell in the middle of his story and I cringed. I am sure she didn't mean it but it was still cringy.

I hope Kesha is successful, I found her Grammys performance of "Praying" super emotional, but she needs to not collab with trash like Flashback Mary.

Aw I just watched a clip on YouTube of Chelsea cutting into David’s story but someone in the comments said it was edited, in the actual show he finished his story before she started telling hers :( I was just watching for David lol I love him so I was hoping that was somehow the case

lmao she voluntarily made a video with james charles? ew

deadass. it sucks she's just chasing anyone for clout
I mean... isn't sucking up to makeup youtubers a cornerstone in beauty line promotion now? sucks, but I think I'd rather her with this twink than Jeffree Starr


2 months ago


2 months ago


2 months ago


2 months ago

Barf @ James Charles forever
"Kesha was a guest on the Graham Norton show alongside Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, and someone else."

...why are the clintons still trying to keep themselves in the media circuit? also chelsea clinton has annoyed me since I realized she was involved in protesting AGAINST British Iraq war critics, and even as late as 2017 tried to frame her protesting as being against "anti-Americanism." She looked like a callous fool:



They're promoting a book lol
ah... that explains it lol
the "nevertheless, she persisted" crowd and stans act like the clintons will actually lose something after 2016 lmao

like, they're still rich and powerful and they're friends with the trumps. they're the same war criminals but dressed differently.
Lmao they're both dumbasses
lmao i love how random graham's couches are like fucking david mitchell, chelsea clinton and kesha loool
all I think about whenever I see James Charles

also his "only nude I've ever taken" post
Oh no, not dick AND cock?!

What was the context of this portion of this iconic video?
Something about him talking about sucking dick and cock during a dinner with their families iirc


2 months ago

I CANNOT stant the way James Charles talks. Not that it's much different to the way a majority of Youtubers talk, but it is especially grating coming from him. Why did Kesha have to indulge this fool? Why are celebrities "legitimising" him?
He sounds like he is constantly gagging on something and I hate it
Hillary gave two nods = "FELT it"

...bit much lol
<3 kesha
girl, you used to be C list...
james charles, really? was youtube out of beauty gurus to partner with? ew :/

her performance was awesome and i'm really into 'raising hell' these days. i wish the video was better because it could've made the song a big hit imo but it's just kinda boring. i'm looking forward to the album, i'm glad the dancey party kesha is back~
Why'd she do a collab with a racist
I hate James Charles' lips. They look like shovels.
kesha: I love my natural freckles and I want them to show
jsc: yas gurl they're so cute *proceeds to cover them completely up and then draws fake ones on*

the amount of contour he put on her neck! I screamed

his high note woke my cat up from a 90 minute long nap. she looked at me all pissed off, and then bolted.
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