qaladriel (qaladriel) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Queen's still alive

After Gibbo announced that the Queen had perished and it was to be revealed this morning, apparently she's still kicking.

Good to know that our trial run of the news went well though.

Tags: death, royalty / royal family
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Some meme guy? Idk I’ve been asking the same thing
Apparently just some random guy who put this out there and people jumped on it.
I expected this from Cheeks, but not you Gibbo.
Right! With cheeks, or even morty this could be expected but not gibbo!
how much actual power does she even have, cause some of you were acting like she personally ordered the sinking of the General Belgrano.
None. Absolutely none. Past Tory governments got rid of it.
as I suspected. people were really in the last post acting like QE2 actively did all sorts of bullshit that we should be blaming Parliament for.


5 days ago

But I think it's valid for people from countries that suffered due to the actions of the UK (and the empire) to dislike the symbol of it, especially when she actively benefitted from it.
She is a symbol of colonization and the monarchy she represents is guilty of a ton of atrocities, yeah the current spanish king isn't responsible for colonizing my country and raping and killing and robbing us but the sure as hell represents that institution, so really, who cares if people want to hate on her?? let us be.

is standing up for the monarchy a hill you wanna die on in almost 2020?
I keep reading it as Gibby.
the real question is how do I make my inane group chat messages go viral like that? how can I pretend to have any level of authority? Gibbo just wants to watch the world burn and I respect that
Ngl. I kinda feel like this was intentionally done to check and see if it would leak. Because ofc it would.

But I’m glad she’s not dead because I don’t want her death to bail out the tories and I want Philip to go first.

It’s funny because people were like “The Crown is royalist propaganda!” And it just makes hate all of them worse.

Other than Anne. Because Anne.
bugger that

I mean, she not waving at the window to show she's alive so

The queen is not dead but Lil Bub is, rip

Nooooo the sweetest angel ;__;
If Charles is alive so is she, I'm convinced she's just making sure she'll outlive him.

Also people forget her mother lived to 101 years so I think it's likely we'll have another 8 years with her.
Gibbo inspired so many memes in a matter of hours, truly a legend.
Gibbo why? i trusted you ):
Can’t believe Gibbo did us like this
Why u do us dirty Gibbo?
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