qaladriel (qaladriel) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Queen's still alive

After Gibbo announced that the Queen had perished and it was to be revealed this morning, apparently she's still kicking.

Good to know that our trial run of the news went well though.

Tags: death, royalty / royal family
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So who the fuck is gibbo and why does this gross person have a picture of a penis in his profile pic?
It's a group chat profile pic and it's army bantz m8.
aw rats
Well there goes Gibbo’s credibility! If only there had been some clue that he was full of shit.
how short and abrupt this title is fucking sending me lmaoooo
Right? Lol love the op
lmao ikr?
well someone needs to make death happen

knock knock, sweetheart
Gibbo always be lying
ngl i was about to get HELLA excited for a coronation... i'm a slut for a shiny pomp and circumstance
ONTD, please pardon my ignorance on royal secession and protocol, but who is next in line for the throne after Elizabeth? Is it Charles?

Deleted comment


4 days ago


4 days ago

Who is Gibbo?
I feel like I’m missing the joke on here and I feel stupid :/
some guy on a whatsapp group chat with random nicknames was all like "queen's dead". The groupchat avatar was an erect dick, it tells you pretty much everything
I saw that but I can’t tell if people on here are being serious or not, so I’m like huh
how did some random ass group text go viral like that?

channel dash?

what are 1s, 3s and 4s?

cities fornstand down????
They types of royal guard uniforms for different occasions.
my fave part of the trial run where every1 turned on one another for having different emotional reactions
This is the second trial run this year.
If we can’t trust Gibbo, who can we trust?
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