qaladriel (qaladriel) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Queen's still alive

After Gibbo announced that the Queen had perished and it was to be revealed this morning, apparently she's still kicking.

Good to know that our trial run of the news went well though.

Tags: death, royalty / royal family
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damn ://
i can't believe gibbo lied to us
don't disrespect our troops
nothing but respect to only army man i trust with my life, gibbo
I'm more hurt by Ricey
I’m never going to trust a penis avatar ever again.
They've always been so reliable before!
Well, obviously! She's only 93.

I just watched the latest season of The Crown, and Charles is like, "oh I just can't wait to be King!" and I'm cackling because that was forty years ago and he's still waiting and it's just not gonna happen now lbr.
It will he probably live as long as his parents lbr.

“I should have investigated Epstein’s past and regret that I did not.”

Lmaooo this bitch acting like she doesn’t have people on her payroll that look into everyone she’s meeting. Disgusting piece of shit. These people are downright evil, they literally don’t care about anything but themselves.
I hate her so much. I don't buy her "I didn't realize the seriousness of his conviction for prostituting a minor"!!!

Haakon should have divorced her lazy, cheating ass years ago.

Ever since I read that article I really do see “underage women” used everywhere and I can’t believe I didn’t notice how bad it was before. CHILDREN. THEY WERE CHILDREN.

I hate it so much. Every time I hear it I correct it. Wtf is an “underage woman” anyway?? A GIRL. A CHILD.
It's infuriating.
oh my god

now that is a name i did not expect to pop up
she makes really really bad decisions with the company she keeps. i could’ve sworn she had some connection to klaus bruinsma
Oh good job there Mette-Marit 🙄
god damn it getting my hopes up gibbo
People need to get lives. Who makes up a story like that?
Disrespecting Gibbo, Ricey, Burnsy, Cheeks and Josh here.

You don't believe the death of Queen Elizabeth would be announced via. a Whatsapp group with a penis as the profile picture?
Hey m8 it was just the boys joshing a round swilling a few pints.
On one hand, I don't think the monarchy will end while she's alive so I'm ready for her to go but on the other hand (and I'm not an expert on British politics) I do think during an election would be a horribly inconvenient time for her to die since it would take over the news and probably help the Tories.

Let's try this again early 2020.
Totally agreed.
Last night I was the funniest night on Twitter I can remember. My fave tweets

every time i see "comunicado oficial" I go into panic mode. Madrid has really done a number on me.
Queen Elizabeth II is dead
French media :
The Madrid one had me screaming.
lmao same 😂😂😂

this one was my fav!
like... before the whole andrew pedo thing i was like i hate the monarchy but i cant hate the person idk ha but after her showing support to andrew and knowing its only gonna go downhill for these leeches when she's gone...
idk maybe it wouldnt be the worst? one less person for the british taxpayer to fund
her fans (lol) can rest easy then.
If we can't trust Gibbo, whom can we trust 😥
i can't be too disappointed in gibbo for letting us down because he brought us some great memes
Also, this entire post is sending me this morning. Between the straightforward, succinct title to "After Gibbo announced that the Queen had perished."
She'll outlive us all
I was hoping it was a mistake and it was Philip who was no longer haunting us as the Royal Crypt Keeper.
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