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Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie cover " W"

-Kidman,zTheron, and Robbie cover" W" for their new film" Bombshell"which opens in theater's on December 13.

- Theron " Like most people,I first noticed Megyn at the Republican debates. I loved when she took it to Txxxp. I admired her sharpness and witt. She was fearless. But when my production company received the script for " Bombshell" I was conflicted about playing her. I personally felt uncomfortable with some of the stuff that she had said. But ultimately, I understood her strength and ambition. Megyn herself says" I know I'm tough". - and that's something I've heard about myself. People told Megyn she had sharp elbows, that she was hard. I've heard people judge me and say the same things about me".

- Kidman(Who plays Gretchen Carlson) " I like that our story is a study of how woman relate to a toxic environment. We want to tell the complicated stories about woman,and that's very difficult. The world likes clear cut winners and losers,abusers and victims, but reality is not that simple. It's always a little dangerous to give a predator like Ailes any measure of humanity,but to get at the problem of harassment,you have to understand how someone like Ailes manipulated these woman. And I must say, I liked putting on the Gretchen dresses. It was like wearing a suit of armor.I'm allowed to like hot pink!

-Robbie(A composite of multiple people) " I did rebel against the Fox dress code. I would not put on nude hose. I said No one my age or younger would wear nude hose. So I said no. Do you think Roger would have fired me?

- Theron" In playing Kelly, I kept thinking,why do we let these very egogentric men run our lives? This film is, hopefully,like taking medicine: It doesn't answer every question, and it isn't a cure,but hopefully does speed the process of change"

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In the trailers, it seems like they really took the time to make Charlize look like MK...and then they ran out of time so they just put a wig on Nicole Kidman and said, "Eh, good enough." She just looks like Nicole Kidman in a wig rather than anything close to Gretchen Carlson, and it's so weird.
I had to look up what Gretchen looks like, and wow they really didn't try at all. Kidman looks like she has a prosthetic chin on in the trailers (or maybe her chin really is that pointy and I've just never noticed??) but it looks really off especially looking at Carlson. I've never heard her speak either so now I wonder how on point Kidman's voice is, or not.
Other than the very basics, I have no idea what the movie is about/the story is based on but I like all 3 of them so I'll be watching.
It’s about the culture of sexual harassment done to the female journalist at the Fox News headquarters by Roger Ailes (the head of the network).
Charlize looks hot af
Right? I'm loving these soft butch vibes
she looks like she'd bite a clit if she went down
Can not wait to see this movie. Also I don't know, but does this movie consider to be an Oscar bait? Is it drama?
charlize be out there looking like bill skarsgaard and im super into it
So hot
I'm realist with Megyn Kelly being trash from dinner clips I've seen over the years, but idk much about Gretchen Carlson
gretchen carlson is just as trash as everyone else who is or was ever on that network
Gretchen is awful too. She was on fox & friends every morning making similar comments. Roger Ailes should burn in hell and I hope this movie doesn't erase that Gretchen & Megyn are still trash people.


December 2 2019, 13:24:05 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  December 2 2019, 13:24:48 UTC

They’re really trying to humanize “SANTA IS WHITE!!!!!” Megyn Kelly huh?

The editorial pictures for this shoot were atrocious.
Yep. Fuck this movie. Roger Allies was trash but so were all his victims. Charlize comes across as incredibly daft when it comes to Megyn Kelly. That’s why I stay bothered that she’s raising two black children. Ugh.
damn charlize
I'm sure the performances will be excellent but I know I'm going to be angry about a film that paints these women as sympathetic heroes. They're trash. Trash that had a bad thing happen to them and they certainly didn't deserve it, but trash all the same. They got rich perpetuating the racism, sexism, homophobia and more that has fucked everything up and then only reason any of them have ever cared about an issue is when they've been personally impacted.

I will never forget Megyn going on her maternity leave rant the moment she had to come back to work months after having her first kid. She never cared until it was her own life. She's garbage. They are all garbage.
mte and thanks for reminding me about the maternity leave rant. OMFG she had some fucking nerve. Conservatives/republicans only care when it happens to them. I've lost count of the amount of times I've seen someone shit on government programs until they needed it to survive.
Lol I said the same thing in another post about this movie and people were all "zomg they were victims!!!!"

Yes, and they are also garbage and don't deserve fawning movies made about them.
MTE! This movie has no reason to exist.
lmfao that is NOT what you said, the revisionism rn

You literally said that they "don't deserve a voice". That is not remotely the same thing as saying they're trash and that it's unfair for the movie to paint them in a sympathetic light. Even shitty, awful women get raped, murdered, sexually harassed and coerced and yeah, they also deserve to voice that and shine a light on the abuse they suffered. Do they deserve a movie painting them as heroes? No but again, not what you said. Words mean things.
Yup. I don't understand why Charlize is trying so hard to paint Megyn in a sympathetic light. She was a trash human being who had the misfortune of having to work with even worse men but that doesn't excuse her long line of known and unashamed prejudices.


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4 months ago


December 2 2019, 13:45:49 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  December 2 2019, 13:47:45 UTC

I just saw that Alanna Ubach is playing Jeanine Pirro, and I'm now a lot more excited. She's so great in everything and I can't wait to see her take on "demon-rats" Jeanine.
I fucking love alanna too
charlize looks hot. i desperately want nicole to be a redhead again.
charlize impale me
Can’t wait to see this movie! Charlize is incredible 😍
I wish Nicole would go back to red hair. The blonde washes her out. She looks beautiful though.
Written and directed by men and a couple of critics I follow on twitter who have seen it said its bad.
i've seen it. the script really does hold the movie back.
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