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Shelley Morrison has died at 83

Tags: death, debra messing / will and grace (nbc)
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Her character on Will & Grace will always be one of my favorites on TV. RIP.
Oh man, I feel bad. I thought she had already died, I got confused because they had killed off her character in the show.

RIP. She was an amazing character on Will & Grace
She was a gem in a role that could have been and lbr, at times was flat out one dimensional and undignified. she did more with her own talent than what they gave her to do, repeatedly. and when they gave her the lines and something to work with, she was great. I know they'd hinted she was far too sick to do the show.

Add me to the voices that haven't enjoyed the Will & Grace revival. And i hated her funeral ep.


December 2 2019, 12:00:15 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  December 2 2019, 12:03:04 UTC

i started watching and binging on W&G recently and I so wanted to hate how her character was written, I mean a woc graduate student tricked by an abusive white woman into menial labour with poor salary compensation and having stockholm syndrome. but she totally was subversive in the way she delivered her lines. she truly made the character special even with such a lousy hand from the writers. she was really amazing.
And i hated her funeral ep.

I was sobbing during Karen's last goodbye to Rosario, it was the perfect amount of sweet, funny and heartbreaking. Megan Mullally was absolutely amazing (as usual) in that scene.

RIP Shelley, Rosie was always a highlight of W&G for me <3
She had so many great one liners. I loved the earlier episodes where she had to be married to Jack so she could get her green card. RIP :((
Oh no :(
So sad. She will be missed. Loved her quips with Karen and Grace on W&G.

Rest in peace, Shelley Morrison.
Aw RIP. Every year around Thanksgiving I think of her part in a W&G episode where she keeps eating the Turkey while the gang is all out visiting their families with a Timer. I always laugh when I think about at the end of the episode(?) and she makes a little burp sound while napping from eating too much turkey. She brought a lot of good moments to one of my favorite shows ever.


December 2 2019, 21:17:37 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  December 2 2019, 21:18:41 UTC

I knew Shelley from watching Troop Beverly Hills a lot as a kid, but the times I’d watch Will and Grace she was always the best part to me.

LISTEN LADY! She was, by far, the best thing about W&G. Such a joy on screen and hilarious. I think it was said about her that there's no bloopers or anything cuz she always delivered her lines. A talent and a blessing to us all.
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