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Shelley Morrison has died at 83

Shelley Morrison, best known for playing Rosario on Will and Grace, has died of heart failure.

source 1/2/3/4
Tags: death, debra messing / will and grace (nbc)
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omg, no 0_0
They better make an actual funny episode and dedicate it to her. I’ll actually settle for a full half hour Rosario clip show tbh.
these new episodes have been awful
it should have never been rebooted.

W&G is so white and dated.
I also didn't like their take on Will trying to go out with a millenial gay? Like instead of approaching it from a 'oh he's young and ignorant, I need to correct him' they just as easily could've had this guy be educated on his history and just disagree with a lot of Will's stances


4 months ago


4 months ago


4 months ago


4 months ago

Remember Rosarios funeral? That's the only new will and grace episode I even remember. RIP :(
I liked the one with Vince's wedding too


December 2 2019, 17:41:27 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  December 2 2019, 17:41:54 UTC

see that's why i'm confused. i thought she had died irl already because they killed off her character. she just didn't want to return to the reboot??
Yeah she had retired from acting


4 months ago

I think I read somewhere that she retired, which is why she didn't come back. Which is understandable.
"I'll crush you like a Brazil nut!!!!"

My god, I loved her....
She was also in Troop Beverly Hills!
The best movie ever
Love that movie!
love that movie so much

Rosario's Quinceañera


December 2 2019, 04:30:09 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  December 2 2019, 04:32:44 UTC

The Rosario funeral episode is going to hit a lot harder now. :(
i hope they make a part 2 or something to honour her.

(and bring back Lorraine Finster)

"i heard as soon as i came"
Te Amo, Mami.

Suspended comment

I'm going to watch every episode of Will and Grace that she's in this week.
I was just thinking about her shoplifting incident. RIP
I was so hoping that it wasnt true. I cried watching the ep of Rosario's funeral and now with her actually passing away i dont think i could watch it again. Her and Megan were so great together!

Rest in peace Shelley,thank you for the laughs.
This is so sad, she was such a joy to watch on screen!

Although I have to say, wasn't there some drama with her and one of her co-stars? Was it Megan or Debra? And didn't she dislike the stereotypical portrayal of her character??? Or am I making that up???
I only remember Fan backslash nothing from the cast
No no there was something, something with a wedding and her telling the press while she wasnt supposed to. Megan’s wedding?
Yeah, I remember that being the drama back in the day.
Rest in peace! She was fantastic <3
nooo :( RIP </3
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