qaladriel (qaladriel) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Is the Queen dead? UK Twitter freaks out over supposed group chat message revealing she is

The above tweet contains a WhatsApp message from the (within the last hour) infamous Gibbo which currently has UK twitter on the absolute apex of its meme game. Gibbo claims that these instructions were passed down by someone on the royal guard.
Whether it's true has yet to be confirmed or denied by anybody of real importance, media, or connection to the royals. There is one current source denying it, but the owner of the account has no real communication or relationship with the royals.

Most people are referring to the nature of the reveal as a fitting end to this decade.
It is protocol for there to be 'buffer' hours between the event and the announcement - so unless the story gets denied officially tonight, it may be announced in the morning.

The Queen is the current top trending topic in the UK, with Gibbo a close second.

Tags: death, royalty / royal family
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