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Is the Queen dead? UK Twitter freaks out over supposed group chat message revealing she is

The above tweet contains a WhatsApp message from the (within the last hour) infamous Gibbo which currently has UK twitter on the absolute apex of its meme game. Gibbo claims that these instructions were passed down by someone on the royal guard.
Whether it's true has yet to be confirmed or denied by anybody of real importance, media, or connection to the royals. There is one current source denying it, but the owner of the account has no real communication or relationship with the royals.

Most people are referring to the nature of the reveal as a fitting end to this decade.
It is protocol for there to be 'buffer' hours between the event and the announcement - so unless the story gets denied officially tonight, it may be announced in the morning.

The Queen is the current top trending topic in the UK, with Gibbo a close second.

Tags: death, royalty / royal family
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Who is Gibbo

lol 😆

lmao I'm imagining him as Michael Lohan's Parent Trap camper

ok now I’m wheezing
Lol this meme
Oh shit
Who is this spectacle?
I don’t care if she’s dead. I might be a lil and drunk and emotional but I seen it’s gonna cost 8 billion for her death and I just seen something about those who rest at Potters Field and I just don’t care. Rot, Lizzie
I might be a lil and drunk

lol I like you
Just let me know when these hoes have an estate sale for the old lady because I know she got some good shit.
lol I used to browse the online archive of her belongings and pretend shop
I remember when Phillip announced his retirement I was having a bout of insomnia and was on Twitter and some maniac with "insider knowledge" was being insufferable claiming that the secret announcement was going to be that he was dead and saying "You'll see, you'll all see!"

People's desperation for attention extending to creating false rumours about old people dying is just so pathetic.
I vaguely remember there was like, a live feed of the flag above the palace and people were like "THE FLAG IS DOWN THAT MEANS HE'S DEAD"
which is hilarious especially because the flag only gets lowered to say the queen is no longer in residence, i think diana’s death was one of the only times it’s ever been lowered to acknowledge a death. something about the royal standard always being at full staff because it means continuation of the monarchy
My friends and mine group chat was epic when that happened. It was just constant texting.
This is clearly all evil Meghan's fault!!! Or maybe, in the swerve of the century, evil Camilla has made her triumphant return and will crown herself Queen!!

evil DRUNK Camilla don’t disrespect her like that!

all of the memes and tweets were hilarious i can't wait until she's actually dead. the day thatcher died was one of the funniest days on twitter.
thatcher's death was truly such a beautiful event
Oh man, that was incredible
The fact that Ding Dong the Witch is Dead went to number one was hilarious.
it was amazing lol
if gibbo says she's dead she's DEAD
why is this killing me
Say it louder for the people across the pond!!
ghhhhhhhhhhh lmao
Actually the only reason I don't want her to die is cause as a Canadian she's on all of our money and I don't want it to get replaced with Princes Charles' uggo face.
Although maybe if she dies we can have NO monarch on our money? Please?
celine dion's face on the back of every coin


6 days ago

Do they take it all out of circulation to replace it all?


6 days ago

You guys should have Moira Rose’s face tbh
That’s how I feel. I don’t want to look at that man’s face (and ginormous ears) on all of our shit. A nightmare.


6 days ago

ugh same.
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December 2 2019, 02:34:10 UTC 6 days ago Edited:  December 2 2019, 02:34:50 UTC

I am currently watching Season 3 of The Crown, did not expect to see this but this does not look like a legit source so I am thinking it has to be fake.

"very much looking forward to hosting President Trump"
That is unfortunate. I just want him impeached and removed already.
So whats the English breakfast tea? Is she dead, is this a hoax?
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