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Is the Queen dead? UK Twitter freaks out over supposed group chat message revealing she is

The above tweet contains a WhatsApp message from the (within the last hour) infamous Gibbo which currently has UK twitter on the absolute apex of its meme game. Gibbo claims that these instructions were passed down by someone on the royal guard.
Whether it's true has yet to be confirmed or denied by anybody of real importance, media, or connection to the royals. There is one current source denying it, but the owner of the account has no real communication or relationship with the royals.

Most people are referring to the nature of the reveal as a fitting end to this decade.
It is protocol for there to be 'buffer' hours between the event and the announcement - so unless the story gets denied officially tonight, it may be announced in the morning.

The Queen is the current top trending topic in the UK, with Gibbo a close second.

Tags: death, royalty / royal family
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i guess?


December 2 2019, 02:45:16 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  December 2 2019, 02:45:54 UTC

I was looking to see if somebody posted this! PERFECT album, although I hate Morrissey.
i love this album so much. and yes, fuck morrissey.
I'm semi-tempted to stay up until 930 London time.
lmao I'm thinking of setting an alarm at that time so I can wake up, glance at my phone to see if it's true, and then go back to sleep
I thought about that until I saw it was 8 hours away :(

but i'll be pissed as fuck if i stay up that late and she's not even dead.

and then i'll be a cranky bitch at work tomorrow.
Finally sleeping late and being PST works in my favor.
i'll still be awake. finally my time zone works for me
LMAOOO same tho
It’s 5pm here

I’ll get a public holiday at least!
the palace still hasn't denied it. she's dead. bye bish.
I hope this isn’t true. Even with the protocol, I don’t think they would be able to keep this from leaking.
Imagine being the queen and that you have planned everything about the day of your death for many years, just to be ruined by a guy named gibbo who has an avatar of a penis
lmao that's literally the first tweet

ontd stays not reading
Who/What the fuck is Gibbo?
a hero
Maybe it's Andrew's secret alter ego
A penis.
dakota fanning
She strikes again
Gibbo is likely the nickname of someone with the surname Gibson.

I know like 5 Gibbo’s.
How the fuck would this Gibbo character even know though?

She better not be dead. Trump is still alive, ugh.
He might work at the hospital she was taken to???

Or works at the palace in some capacity???
The rest of the screenshot says that Gibbo got it from a (palace?) guard's WhatsApp group
Usually I'd just ignore thi sbut why the Palace aiint deny it tho??? Smh if she's dead before Phillip. End the damn monarchy.

Ugh now all our money (commonwealth countries like canada) will have charles ol' ugly mug on it
'Ugh now all our money (commonwealth countries like canada) will have charles ol' ugly mug on it'

Ugh honestly I dread having to have a man on all my money so much. And with three generations of it too smh...
Tbh I hope so, I would love an excuse to party at the beginning of the week

Fuck the monarchy!
The fact that the palace hasn't denied it yet is kind of suspish.

BUT, iirc when everyone thought Philip was dead a few years back, they didn't say anything for HOURS and then it turned out that he was just retiring from public duties.
"It is protocol for there to be 'buffer' hours between the event and the announcement - so unless the story gets denied officially tonight, it may be announced in the morning."

figures they do it this way. if it's announced in the evening then people can't spend the whole day in performative histrionics talking about what a ~tragic blow~ the nation has suffered, I bet.

this one killed me lmfao
I mean it is probably the least crazy thing Bob has done.
I love whenever Bob is on the show.
throw in a goodmonson or a harry harryman and i would 100% believe it tbh
these are the most British nicknames ever lmao
Josh tho
I mean I doubt she is "very much looking forward to hosting Trump" ever, but go off Palace PR person.
lmao i think he was taking the piss because his reply added that people keep tagging trump but trump can’t even see it because he blocked that reporter years ago for calling him a chocolate omelette lmaooooo
Gibbo for king!
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