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Pete Davidson asks fans to sign $1 million NDA before attending comedy shows

Pete Davidson is reportedly making attendees of his shows sign a $1 million non-disclosure agreement before being able to attend one of his comedy shows.

A fan who wanted to attended a show at the Sydney Goldstein Theater in San Fransico, posted screenshots of the contract and detailed its demands on Facebook.

“I got an email today informing me that in order to see this show I have to sign a nondisclosure agreement," read the post. “In that NDA the signer CANNOT GIVE ANY INTERVIEWS, OPINIONS OR CRITIQUES about it in ANY form whatsoever including blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social networking.”

She also says the NDA gives Davidson’s team the right to confiscate, seize, and destroy any phones or cameras that breach the agreement, and that any breach will require a $1 million payment in damages and legal fees.

“I understood and was willing to consent to the initial request of locking up any phones or cameras brought to the event, but I think this a bit ridiculous and over the top,” she continued. “I get that comedians are protective of their jokes and don’t want their routines rebroadcast, but it’s rather Orwellian to not allow anyone to share an opinion on it. Don’t perform for the public if you don’t want people to have an opinion about it!”

While this news has only just now begun gaining nationwide coverage, Davidson started implementing this NDA policy since at least November 7th during a gig in Minneapolis.

ONTD, have you ever signed an NDA?

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3
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why would you even want to go see him live lol
Because he’s opening for John Mulaney.


How does he have a show?
He's not funny
was he filming a TV special or something? I can see having to sign an NDA for that.

ONTD, would you have date or have sex with a celebrity if you had to sign an NDA or a consent form beforehand? I've heard that more and more male celebs are doing this to avoid lawsuits and accusations.
For Jake or Lenny, yes.
I’m sure there more for my thirsty ass but they’re my two auto replies.
who is lenny
lena dunham?


6 months ago


6 months ago


6 months ago

that'd be a big red flag to me. no question that some male celebs think an NDA or consent form = i can do whatever i want.

Deleted comment


6 months ago

was he filming a TV special or something? I can see having to sign an NDA for that.

Nope. He’s just tired of receiving backlash and media coverage on what he says in his “comedy” routines.

Maybe, just maybe...this is not the job or environment for you, Pete.
so now louis ck whips out a nda before his dick?


6 months ago

Having to sign a consent form would be a big red flag. Because at anytime, anyone has the right to say no to sex.


December 2 2019, 01:27:18 UTC 6 months ago Edited:  December 2 2019, 01:30:24 UTC

Not until I see the results of an STD test first.

But seriously, no. They're paranoid about something. That's not a good sign.
No, it would scare me. Like why do i need yo sign in NDA. What are you trying to do?! 😒😬
Maybe if he was closeted and it was a way of guaranteeing it, but otherwise probably not.
no, but do you think taylor swift has her bfs sign one? none of them ever say anything about her.


6 months ago


6 months ago


6 months ago


6 months ago


6 months ago


6 months ago

I had one celeb romp. So, yes.


6 months ago

Suspended comment

I’ve slept with two (albeit D-list) boy band members in my time on this earth and I’ll be damned if I sign anything for sex. Plus they were drunken hookups and it most likely wouldn’t hold up in court. 😂😂 tf.
I know they can be used for totally legitimate, non-horrible reasons, but at this point I wouldn't trust any man, especially a rich and/or powerful one, who would try to use one in a personal context.
these comments are surprising to me, because 1) I assumed NDAs were pretty standard for hooking up with a celebrity, and honestly for good reason? because 2) if I were a celebrity, I would definitely look into having my hookups sign them. It doesn't mean I'm necessarily doing anything nefarious, but I just wouldn't want the details of my sex life to become public knowledge, and I don't think that's inherently problematic. Like an above user said, NDAs don't give people carte blanche to do illegal shit


6 months ago

I mean it depends. Obviously i would need to know if the peen is worth it so..idk
I get that comedians are protective of their jokes and don’t want their routines rebroadcast, but it’s rather Orwellian to not allow anyone to share an opinion on it. Don’t perform for the public if you don’t want people to have an opinion about it!

GOD, offensive comedians these days are saying they should be able to express themselves how they want while in the same breath bemoaning when other people have a response to it and doing so with NO IRONY is just so much funnier than any joke they could possibly come up with LOL
I would have loved to have seen comedians like Sam Kinison and Bill Hicks get roasted by twitter.
Mfte! He's one of those comedians who whines about people being too easily offended, then demands people sign NDAs because he's too offended by any criticism.
He needs a safe space I guess!
Found this from the embed but this guy has a good thread on it, posting the ending tweets of that below -

the rest of it is here: https://twitter.com/azforeman/status/1201009306142986241
i'd only go to his comedy show if he paid me $1 million in cash
the fact that people bought tickets outright, and then got told about this nda and they all thought 'this is fine and a good use of my time and money.'

w h e w
I've signed a few. One was for a show I was in and the others because I visited my friend's work and he works in post production for film lol.
His ego is massive now
I work in entertainment so I've signed plenty of NDAs. Don't think I would sign this one tho
Yeah, I work in theme parks so NDAs are pretty common every time a new project comes up and I don't think twice about signing them, I understand the trade secret issues at stake there. But this I would compare to going to a concert, and I wouldn't be willing to sign one to attend a show like that.
I find him so repulsive on all levels


December 2 2019, 01:41:26 UTC 6 months ago Edited:  December 2 2019, 01:42:01 UTC

Men are weak tag tag, please and thank you
what a little bitch. also TIL people pay money to see this fuck.
I've signed NDAs due to my job but I would never sign an NDA for something like a comedy show or concert. Especially if it was presented after the purchase of tickets.

He remains a delusional piece of shit.
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