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ONTD Original: 10 TV Things ONTD was obsessed with 10 years ago.

The decade is ending, so it's time to look back...what was ONTD obsessed about (TV-wise) back in 2009... And let's rank them up because this is the internet, and my opinion matters more than yours.

10. Holy shit, the Trinity killed Rita!!!
DEXTER, Season 2

ONTD liked Dexter, at least for the first few years, as problematic as it was. But people lost their shit when the trinity killed Rita. i mean, full on meltdown.. And yes, that's ONTD being sympathetic to a serial killer. Oh how times have changed.

9. Yeah...I guess Fringe is an ok show... wait- WTF. ARE THOSE THE TWIN TOWERS?!
FRINGE, Season 1

People kindaaaaa liked the first season of Fringe, people thought it had potential, but most ONTDers thought it was a cheap copy of the X-Files. But that season finale in which William Bell reveals himself as living in a parallel universe where the Twin Towers weren't lost AND Peter was from the other side was a mind blowing one! People were so worried about Peter.

8. So who's this Snooki girl and why did she got punch?
[**Trigger warning: Violence**]

Right out of the gate Jersey Shore was filled with controversy. Probably the one that drew most attention was when Snooki got punched in the face. This was ONTD's goldmine. it was so controversial that people MTV has removed the punch from it's reruns, and advertisers started to go 'gurl bye'!

7. So, who's this cute Matt Bomer guy from 'White Collar'...wait, he's gay?!

In another case of 'the hot ones are always gay'. White Collar came up as this little USA show about a detective and a gallery thief working together. Obviously, ONTD was drawn by Matt Bomer's beautiful face...but even more loud were the pics of him kissing a guy going around (and taken down by legal!). Everyone knew Bomer was gay and he came out a few years later.

6. It's george!!! 007 it's george!!!

I can't recall the last time a TV series's public foibles so perfectly collided with the show itself, in this case the (then) long rumored/expected/you-name-it departures of cast members Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight. The show's fifth season finale wrapped with both their lives in danger - the former due to her character's season-long struggles with a brain tumor (ONTD was all over ghost!denny) and the latter because - holy crap! - George selflessly pushed a woman out of the path of a bus only to be struck himself. ONTD's breakdown is fun to watch.

5. Screw Soookie!! Eric deserves to be with Godric!!!!
TRUE BLOOD, Season 2

While Godric only appeared in four episodes, he left a lasting impression on ONTD. Weary of two millennia of life and the inherent abomination of his existence, he resigns as Sheriff, strips off his clothes... and lets the sun take him. Also, the sexual tension between him and Eric must have led to a few million of fan fics to be written for that night alone. Also, True Blood's sunday party posts were legendary!

4. So, is George Clooney coming back to the final season of 'ER' or not?
E.R., Season 15

During E.R.'s final season people were wondering if George Clooney (a huge star by then) would ever come back and ONTD had almost daily posts about rumours, finally he agreed to return in an episode in which Juliana Marguiles came back as well. Although his only condition was to not release any promo featuring him. which clearly send ONTD into crazy mode.

3. David Tennant's Final Specials
Doctor Who, Series 4

David Tennant had announced he was leaving Doctor Who and his final episodes were gonna be special 2 hour episodes. Planet of the Dead, The Waters of Mars and The End of time I & II were truly great and kept us on our seat. ONTD was all over it and crying party post about Tennant leaving were a pretty regular thing.

2. The first half of the first season of Glee
Glee, Season 1

Before it became a huge success, Glee started as a small show with a lot of heart, and the first half of the first season is perfect enough to prove it. From the pilot, to the mashups, to the football team singing Single Ladies. ONTD loved that show to death... at least for those first 13 episodes.

1. Ianto's death
Torchwood: Children of Earth, Season 3

Lexa Who? You haven't felt the 'Bury your gays' trope as ONTD felt Ianto's death. It's been over 10 years and it still hurts. Torchwood was ONTD's favorite show. Sci-fi? check. Campy? check. Funny? check. Pretty people to look at? check. LGBT leads? check. With sexy scenes? check! You can see why ONTD loved Torchwood. Then Children of Earth happened and they killed the best character of the show. Fandom and ONTD took it hard. This spurred an online campaign to resurrect the character, which branched into a drive to give to the Children in Need charity "in memory" of Ianto which raised over £15,000. Also, there's still a shrine in his memory in cardiff where Torchwood used to film.

ONTD, what were you obsessed with 10 years ago?
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