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Beauty community continues to be trash: Jeffree's hairy situation & Yuya stealing artwork.

Jeffree Starr X Shane's palette "Conspiracy" sold about 1 million pieces on the very first day. Even with being sold out and having a big success, currently there are costumers who aren't happy about their products because they have found hairs/fibers inside the eyeshadows.

Let's not forget how he has had issues with the quality of his products in the past, being highly critical about others' products like the Jacklyn Hill situation, Kylie's skincare and saying that Michelle Dy's products were trash even if he hadn't tried them And let's never forget how Jeffree and Shane are racists pos. :

Plus calling someone "disturbed" for saying they had found hairs in a highlighter.

The beauty community mostly turned a blind eye to these cases because Jeffree has changed, ok? And he is the coolest. Jeffree took it to instastories to say the following:

-He is being transparent and not deleting a single comment

-That comparing the Jacklyn Hill thing to this is not fair and not in the same level.

-That it has been ONLY 35 customers complaining.

-The fibers are from the cloth used to press the pigments, that isn't toxic and wont damage the eyes of the customers that found it.

-He has forbidden further use of this cloth in future manufacturing.


On other beauty news, Mexican beauty vlogger Yuya released a new palette called "Metamorfosis" with her own company Republic Cosmetics.

A few days after it was announced, Kelzuki, an illustrator came forward accusing the brand of stealing her artwork and even going as far as copying her handwriting:

Yuya and the company ignored the emails of the illustrator and instead chose to reply in the public form of instastories saying the following:

-They didn't steal anything because that kind of illustrations (scientific kind) are nothing new and property of no one.

And that's it! She and her team brushed everything under the rug.

Tags: beauty / makeup, internet celebrities, legal / lawsuit

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