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Celebrity Reactions to Trump Impeachment Hearings Day 4 Plus Live Viewing Post

Day 1,033 of our national nightmare, Day 4 of Trump Impeachment Hearings

Testimony is due to start @ 9AM Eastern

. You can watch on all major and cable networks plus news apps and online news sites for ABC, CBS, CNN, CSPAN, MSNBC, NBC, PBS

. Some major networks may break to regular programming after the first session

. You can still watch via CNN, CSPAN, MSNBC, PBS, Twitter, apps, online news sites, etc

. Gordon Sondland aka The Gordon Problem will testify in the morning session. Will he flip or not?

More Celebrities This Way

Another cut to save your browser. Click for Billy Baldwin, Stephen King, Bette Midler, Josh Malina, Meredith Salenger, Rosie O’Donnell [Spoiler (click to open)]

Icymi Recap From Yesterday

Omg 12 hours

. Vindman testimony was very damaging and he had the two best quotable moments. In his opening statement, he ended with a personal anecdote, saying about his father You made the right decision 40 years ago to leave the Soviet Union and come here to the United States of America in search of a better life for our family. Do not worry, I will be fine for telling the truth. Then later, Maloney [who I have a crush on but then I discovered he’s gay and married, so I still have a crush on him, but not a sexy-time crush] set him up perfectly by probing further why Vindman wasn’t afraid to testify. Vindman said, This is America. This is the country I've served and defended. That all of my brothers have served. And here, right matters.

. Vindman testified about the secret server, and that he prepared talking points for the perfect July 25 call to include not only the perfunctory congratulations but also discuss general progress on eliminating Ukraine corruption (to which Zelensky was elected to do just that). But on the call, T45 with the best words, never brought up general Ukraine corruption, only Burisma and Bidens specifically.

. GOP attacked Vindman’s competence, loyalty, and patriotism by mentioning that Morrison (who testified later) had expressed concerns about Vindman’s judgment, and that he was offered Ukraine Defense Ministry post. Vindman came with receipts, quoting from a performance appraisal from his previous boss Fiona Hill (testifying Thursday), and that he declined the Ukraine job 3x and told his superiors about it per protocol.

. T45 attacked Vindman from the official White House account, and mocked him for wearing his uniform (required of military during court proceedings) and because he requested Cowbell Nunes to address him by his honorific Lieutenant Colonel. [Idk how anyone in the military supports this trash admin].

. Gym Jordan and Cowbell Nunes are still fixated on the whistleblower, attacking Vindman in particular for allegedly speaking to the w.b. or knowing who he was. Schiff shut them down.

. Williams who was assigned to the VP office was low key and no surprise moments, she had already testified that she found the perfect call not so perfect, alarming, and inappropriate. The Dems were also able to ensure she pointed out that T45 cancelled Pence attending Ukraine inauguration re/in support of the timeline of bribery and extortion.

. Volker and Morrison were in the afternoon session and were requested by GOP for their testimony. That didn’t go like they thought it would go. Mess.

. Volker changed his testimony on quid pro quo. He had an epiphany otherwise known as cover your ass because of all the other testimony that came to light. End result, oops. He does indeed connect the dots that the favor was to investigate Bidens, in return for receiving [already Congress approved] $400M in military aid.

. Volker did a pretty good job with straddling a fine line but he didn’t do the GOP any favors, and he ultimately helped the Dem case

. Morrison was pretty ridiculous. Fun fact, he is 7ft 1in tall. Anyway, he was so alarmed by the call that he met with NSC lawyers directly afterwards. And he thought the call summary should be on the secure server because it might leak out. But then also double talked that he didn’t think anything was unusual. Because that’s totally normal behavior when something is perfect and usual.

. Volker and Morrison testified that they thought the Burisma Biden conspiracy claims were bogus and had no credence (oops GOP). And that it was accepted by the entire intelligence community that Russia interfered in 2016, not Ukraine.

. Oh, Rudy Colludy was thrown under a eleventy billion buses


List of those expected to testify

Day 4 Wednesday 20 November
Two sessions @ 9AM and @ 230PM eastern

Morning, Gordon Sondland, US Ambassador to the European Union
Afternoon, Laura Cooper, Deputy Asst Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia
Afternoon, David Hale, Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs

Day 5 Thursday 21 November
One session @ 9AM

Morning, Fiona Hill, former National Security Council for Soviet Union, Russian, and European Affairs
Morning, David Holmes, State Department counselor of affairs for US Embassy in Ukraine

Future testimony will be added each day, in case it changes

Impeachment Fun Facts

. Impeachment is a political recourse, not a legal recourse

. The House votes to Impeach. A simple majority 51% is all it takes to send the article(s) of impeachment to the Senate for a trial. Democrats have enough votes without bipartisan support.

. The Senate holds the trial to Remove. A 2/3rd super majority is required to Remove a President from office. It would take ~20 Republicans to break ranks. Public opinion as hearings progress will influence how the House and Senate votes.

. The House can vote to Impeach on some or all articles but the Senate still acquit. It can’t be reversed, and still goes on permanent record until the earth no longer exists. Votes for or against will be used in campaigns for 2020 election.

. Nixon was never Impeached. He resigned before the articles of Impeachment were put to House floor vote. VP Ford became President, and the next election saw a significant shift of Dems winning seats plus Carter won the next election.

. Clinton was Impeached by the House but acquitted by the Senate. His approval rating went up. Despite Gore winning the popular vote, Bush43 was appointed President by the Supreme Court after the contested battle of electoral votes in Florida, because ~Florida.

Ontd do you throw things at the tv when ridiculous people say ridiculous things?

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