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Celebrity Reactions to Trump Impeachment Hearings Day 1 Plus Live Viewing Post

Day 1,026 of our national nightmare, Day 1 of Trump Impeachment Hearings

Testimony is due to start @ 10AM Eastern

. You can watch on all major and cable networks plus news apps and online sites for ABC, CBS, CNN, CSPAN, MSNBC, NBC, PBS

NEW Recap In Case You Missed It

Brief summary, not all-inclusive, I'll add more to Thursday The View post.

. Chairman Schiff was aces. Calm, collected, worthy of his pedigree as former Asst US Attorney. There were a few stutter stumble moments but nothing consequential. Several times he shut down the opposition like a fly swatter. Overall good first day.

. Minority Leader Devin Nunes was ridiculous. Biased because he's GOP but he's so worthless. Same for Gym Jordan. Between the two of them, GOP Ratcliffe, a few others, they attempted to distract with proselytizing, Obama this, Hillary that, and pretending that an attempted crime, even if not successful, is still a crime. And they want the whistleblower to testify openly, despite it being irrelevant. A post-hearing vote by committee shut that down, too.

. Will Hurd (GOP TX) scored a point for Dems. He was balanced, serious, got Kent to say that T45 had given military aid in FY 17 and FY 18, leading to the conclusion that military aid was blocked in FY 19 as a direct result of T45 extortion. Also, notable that Hurd is retiring.

. Swalwell, the former POTUS candidate, did well. His time will come. He's good at what he does, maybe should switch to Senate at some point.

. Welch had the best remark. After another shouty diatribe from Gym Jordan, Welch said he'd be happy to have the person who started all this to appear, Trump can sit right there. Cackles.

. Taylor in his opening statement revealed PLOT TWIST1 there is a second call. He only learned about this second call last week. The day after the ~perfect call, Sondland and T45 were on the phone. Sondland was talking to T45 at a restaurant. One of Taylor's staff was with Sondland, and said that T45 was so loud, that he could hear T45 through the phone on Sondland end. The gist of this second call was that T45 wanted to know status of the investigations (Biden, Hunter, fake conspiracy about 2016). After the call, the staffer asked Sondland about it, and Sondland said T45 was more interested in the investigations than Ukraine. PLOT TWIST2 there is a new witness testifying in closed session Friday, which is said to be the same staffer that Taylor mentioned.

. All for now, long day, more in View post tomorrow. No hearings again until Friday.

More Celebrities This Way

Another cut to save your browser. Click for Filmmaker and Producer Morgan Freeman, Actor JD Evermore, Alyssa Milano, Comic Trae Crowder, Tom Arnold, Rob Reiner.

[Spoiler (click to open)]


List of those expected to testify

Day 1 Wednesday 13 November
William Taylor, U.S. chargé d'affaires for Ukraine
George Kent, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State

Thursday 14 November no testimony scheduled

Day 2 Friday 15 November
Marie Yovanovitch, 9th United States Ambassador to Ukraine

Impeachment Fun Facts

. Impeachment is a political recourse, not a legal recourse

. The House votes to Impeach. A simple majority 51% is all it takes to send the article(s) of impeachment to the Senate for a trial. Democrats have enough votes without bipartisan support.

. The Senate holds the trial to Remove. A 2/3rd super majority is required to Remove a President from office. It would take ~20 Republicans to break ranks. Public opinion as hearings progress will influence how the House and Senate votes.

. The House can vote to Impeach on some or all articles but the Senate still acquit. It can’t be reversed, and still goes on permanent record until the earth no longer exists. Votes for or against will be used in campaigns for 2020 election.

. Nixon was never Impeached. He resigned before the articles of Impeachment were put to House floor vote. VP Ford became President, and the next election saw a significant shift of Dems winning seats plus Carter won the next election.

. Clinton was Impeached by the House but acquitted by the Senate. His approval rating went up. Despite Gore winning the popular vote, Bush43 was appointed President by the Supreme Court after the contested battle of electoral votes in Florida, because ~Florida.

Ontd did you ever think we would reach this point in our hellscape?

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