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Weekend Box Office: Midway surprises while Doctor Sleep flops

Roland Emmerich's new WWII drama Midway surprised at the box office by taking the #1 spot with $17.5 million, a much higher than anticipated number. While the film was poorly reviewed, the heavily older male audience lead it to a "A" Cinemascore. Its surprise weekend aside, the film has a $100 million budget, so still has ways to go before it can be considered a real success.

Doctor Sleep, the sequel to the beloved Shining, didn't do so hot, though, coming at #2 with $14.1 million. The film scored a "B+" Cinemascore.

John Cena's family comedy Playing with Fire came in third at $12.8 million, while Emilia Clarke's Last Christmas came in 4th with $11.6. Neither film scored well with critics, but with the holidays aproaching, Last Christmas will probably fare better in the end.

Meanwhile, Terminator Dark Fate dropped 63% from its opening last week, and JoJo Rabbit and Parasite continue their impressive runs.

On the platform release side, Shia LaBeouf's autobiographical Honey Boy scored close to $289,000 with a whopping $72,000 pta from 4 theaters.

Full Chart below:

Source 1,2,3,4
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