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The View: Kaley Cuoco, Hot Topics, Ontd Poll

Whoopi is off, Ana fills in

Kaley Cuoco

Two more clips behind the cut [Spoiler (click to open)]

Kaley Cuoco is promoting her role in the new animated series Harley Quinn on DC Universe

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Abby says she has fear of flying, she gets through it by watching TBBT. Ana suggest vodka. KC was born and raised in LA but she’s in NY now (Brooklyn), due to acting work. It’s between a dog park and rabbit rescue, tells animal love story. Joy talks about the difference between LA and NY, people don’t bother you in NY. KC says she doesn’t get recognized, even if she’s trying to be lol. KC says she and her husband were going somewhere, she didn’t have her id, she has to say Do you know who I am, funny story, the bouncer guy didn’t care. Ana says she’d pay someone to ask her id, re/age. Meghan talks about her recent wedding. Shows photo. Talks tabloid rumors. Shows insta photo. Explains why they don’t technically ~live together yet. His business, the horses, farm, her apt for work, building house together.

Sunny talks animals. Shows lots of photos. KC animals are at a farm, not in the city. Moves on to Harley Quinn. Gives details. Edgy and not for young kids. Has bad language. Sunny brings up pay gap, talks TBBT pay the same as her male costars. KC says she’s been lucky, she had been doing it for so long (since 15 yrs old, before TBBT) and has a good team supporting her. Explains that her team started that way with TBBT, there wasn’t this special conversation.

The panel gives her a NYC starter pack. Headphones, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, subway card.

Hot Topic Real Billionaire vs Fake Billionaire

[Fox published a detailed poll from 27-30 Oct that included a floater question for Bloomberg. 38% “would definitely” or “might” vote for him if he entered the race. The other two names rotated were Michelle Obama and Hillary, who both received higher response rates. Link to poll and details are in Monday View post.]

Bloomberg may or may not enter the Presidential race. T45 calls him Little Mike. Wants to know where the magic is. Abby doesn’t think he makes it through a primary. Think about the debate stage. NYer, short man, not a dynamic personality. Gut tells her it’s a waste of time. Ana thinks Little Marco Rubio should be jealous that the nickname is being recycled. Ana thinks it’s too late. Does think it’s funny about the idea of T45 who fake claims he’s fake rich on stage with a guy who is legit a self-made billionaire. Joy said he was Mayor for three terms, he was liked. He left a 2B surplus to de Blasio. Joy doesn’t think he’s someone to fool around with or underestimate. Sunny says he’s a moderate, lists pros and cons of his positions. Sunny talks about winning the black vote, particularly females. Sunny and Joy talk about stop and frisk and crime change. Sunny says he’s a little off on other cultural topics like MeToo. Meghan talks MAGA Haberman, requotes her. Thinks he’s great for NYers but how will he relate to the $50K worker in Midwest. Compares to Steyer, likes Bloomberg personally but disagrees with many positions, thinks it’s too late. Diverts to paying for votes.

Ana brings up yesterday NY AG report that T45 is required to pay $2M for misusing charity funds. Plays clip. Ana wonders the gall of T45 saying Bloomberg has personal problems. Abby still isn’t convinced that Hillary won’t run even tho she’s said she’s not. Talks about America electing a Jewish man. Ana doesn’t care about religion, just wants them to be decent, coherent, competent.

Hot Topic Anonymous is a Coward

The Anonymous person who wrote the NYT Op-ed now has a whole book telling us everything we’ve seen and heard with our own eyes and ears since forever, but now they get to profit over not having the ethics to come forward and lead (or join) the charge to rid us of the devil we know.

Senior white house official turned op-ed into a book, calls T45 cruel, inept, racist, sexist. Joy wonders if this is the Deep Throat of this admin. Also, there’s so many people it could be. Meghan says it could be someone still in the admin. Thinks it’s cowardly, they should come out. If you’re still working there, if you think he’s a pants-less crazy person, why are you still there. Abby agrees. This is not normal, lists all the reasons. Meghan says it’s a long line of books. We know this is a crazy admin. Joy says one book was a reporter, but this is a mole. Sunny said the w.b. did the right thing, but this person is going to the papers and a publisher. DJT revealed the w.b. which is a federal crime. But now this person may well be still in the WH. Says T45 fakes a Mexican accent because he’s racist, and so on.

Meghan and Ana talk about book money, Ana says the author ~claims some money will be donated to xyz causes. Ana is torn. You’ve got people tarnished by working in this admin, but now we see those coming forward, how much worse it would be if some of these people weren’t still there. Abby wonders if Joy would want a leaker from The View. Some banter about their tv show leaks. Joy thinks there’s a difference between their show versus the admin. Ana is astonished at the people who’ve come fw who are in a panic. Meghan and Joy disagree on label of Anonymous.

[There was one lol moment where Meghan made a point (first clip) then says Thanks for the one clap. Joy laughs and says don’t blame them (the audience). Such a needy child.]

Hot Topic GOP Lap Dogs

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) [no relation to the Kennedy family]. Plays clip. Says about Pelosi, it must suck to be that dumb. These people go from a measured politician to these sycophant lap-dogs. Joy says it’s so annoying, the reason T45 doesn’t have a dog because he’s got these people to be a dog for him. Ana wants to stick up for dogs. Sunny cites JK resume then look at how he’s behaving. [Also he used to be Dem but switched to GOP] Meghan has a rant about both sides, it started with T45 but it’s pervasive. Some bleeps during cuss words. Meghan tried to divert to Rashida, Joy cuts her off, clarifies that she’s talking about the transformation, e.g. JK is a long time politician, seemed normal, and now he’s devolved to this. Ana expands on this premise. Abby asks if Romney were running in SC then would he be talking about T45 the same way. Ana said he wouldn’t run in SC because he (Romney) would have to do things he wouldn’t agree to. Joy moves to former AG Sessions who is running for AL Senator again. Plays clip. Sessions kisses ass to T45 in his political ad. Plays clip. T45 makes fun of Sessions repeatedly, blames him for xyz.

Hot Topic Keanu Reeves is Dating Not-Helen Mirren

See related post here and also here by p0uritup

Joy says people are calling Keanu (55) a hero for dating someone near his age (46). Joy cites men with much younger women. Abby talks how long it’s been since Keanu was on red carpet with someone. Says she looks like Helen Mirren. He’s known for taking photos with other women with his hand out (shows photos), so as not to be accused of wrongdoing. Panel moves on to gray hair discussion, lots of stories from Ana, Sunny, Joy. More names of men with younger women. Abby says her parents are the same age and in love, so you find someone you love. Meghan says her mom and dad were 22 yrs apart so thank god MyDad™ liked a younger woman or she wouldn’t be here.

Bonus Iowa Caucus Info and Ontd Poll

Here are some polling results for Iowa Caucus to be held on 3 February 2020.

The top 5 polling candidates alpha by first name

Who is your first choice?


Ontd are you cold?

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