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‘Carol’s Second Act’ EP David Hunt Investigated For Improper Conduct

Hunt greeted with a hug a junior female writer on the series. It allegedly made the writer uncomfortable.
She reportedly shared her experience with a senior writer on the show, also a woman.
Senior writer took the matter to the series creators, executive producers and showrunners.
They both immediately alerted the production and company, and the case was referred to HR.

Hunt allegedly was unaware his hug had made her uncomfortable until the issue was brought up with him by HR. 
He tends to be touchy-feely in his interactions with people.
Hunt underwent sensitivity/sexual harassment training while continuing in his role as EP.

The junior female writer opted to leave the show.
She was followed by the senior writer she had confided to who reported the incident.
Both writers were asked to stay but declined.

Tags: sexism, television - cbs
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