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Billie Lourd Writes Touching Tribute to her Mother Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia

  • Billie hated Star Wars as a kid, she thought it was "too loud". Didn't get the hype until she was a little bit older and watched the films and went to Comic-Con with her mom to understand it's impact.

  • Her parents were very against her getting into showbiz. They NEVER wanted her to be an actress.

  • She talks about how after she graduated college, her mom told her JJ Abrams wanted her to audition for Star Wars and she pretended not to care but she was really excited.

  • Says Lt. Connix's hairstyle mirroring Leia's iconic buns are her and her mom's "secret handshake hairstyle"

  • She was embarrassed that her mom would constantly check up on her while they were on-set of The Force Awakens

  • She talks about how her mom was very excited to film the last Star Wars film of this trilogy because it was Leia's movie and that Star Wars has always been a boys fantasy but these new ones are a boys and girls fantasy.

  • She speaks about how devastating the loss of her mother was and that how she inherited her "this weird and intimidating thing called her legacy" afterward

  • JJ Abrams called Billie in to talk about what to do with Leia's storyline in the upcoming film. Billie was speechless when JJ said they had enough archive footage to still work with to still have a storyline revolving Leia

  • She said accepting the role of playing Lt. Connix in this upcoming Star Wars movie was incredibly difficult for her to do but she did it for her mom, for Leia's fans, and for her children so they could tell her to "turn it down because it's too loud"

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