crazyfirecrotch (crazyfirecrotch) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Whhhhhewwwwwww chile, what happened to Megan Trainer?

Messy M-Train was set to release her third album last January. Her album failed to gain any traction that she had to remove pre sale off itunes. Also her album cover got roasted. Then her mentor LA Reid left Epic and her first 3 singles off her album failed to chart. This led Epic to shelf her album.

The Grammy best new artist curse definitely hit M-Train. Her Kohl's easter commercial aesthetic & lame ass music was no longer appealing to her fanbase the Megatrons.

Fast forward to now, M Train re recorded material for her album 'Treat Yourself'. She is going from corny commercial jingle music to corny dated edm pop. Her collaborates included American DJ Kaskade on the song 'With You', she also came out with 'Genetic's and 'Waves'.

M Train went on Ellen to announce the new album release date Treat Myself | Jan 31, 2020. but girl..... who wants it?

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