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Leighton Meester says her next album will debut... in the next year, year and a half

  • ONTD's fave Gossip Girl did a shoot with 1883 to promote the new season of Single Parents

  • Her husband Adam Brody guest stars on the show as her character's ex and she says she loves working with him

  • She didn't do anything special for her 30th birthday because she was working

  • Is just in the process of recording for her 2nd album now. Blames work and having a kid on the delay but also says she's just slow at putting music together (her album Heartstrings came out in 2014 after a long series of delays)

  • The final question she's asked is what is the most distressing thing a person can wear and she says it's a Make American Great Again hat (OP note: good answer)

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