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The View: 5000th Show, Donald Trump Jr, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Hot Topics

Full panel

The View Hits 5000th Show Milestone

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Whoopi thanks Barbara Walters who started The View. Hot Topics have always been a staple of the show, lists examples over the years. Joy lol that Hot Topics were ironically always about Tr/mp, Giuliani, the Clintons, etc. Joy says politics are more prevalent now than in the past. Lists other examples based on who the hosts were at the time. They show Bill Getty an original producer. Lots of pats on the back for everyone. More Barbara thanks. Joy says he was producer for more than 4000 shows, what was his most memorable. He tells stories. Mentions Obama being the first and only sitting Potus as a guest. Goes back to Barbara love. They get a cake that has no one sitting around the table and looks like a Menorah.

Also, Taylor Swift and Oprah Winfrey offer congratulations via taped segment

Now, brace yourself

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

Traitor Tot used a ghost writer for a book* with his name on it. His Sidepiece joins him to attempt complete sentences in English.

Every host goes after them. They remain mostly calm, but none of them hold back. Whoopi in particular dgaf. I do not capture any remarks made by Traitor Tot or Sidepiece.

Three clips behind the cut [Spoiler (click to open)]

[First clip is double the normal time]
Traitor Tot tweeted the name of the whistleblower yesterday to his 4M followers, some of whom are real people not bots. Abby says that’s what dictators do. Joy says w.b. has a right to be anonymous. Public figures don’t have the same protections. Abby is outraged because she cares about diplomacy and when they see wrongdoing they go through proper channels and deserve to be protected. Rambling nonsense ensues. Whoopi scolds, stay on topic. Abby says he’s hypocritical because he’s fine releasing info if it makes him and his family look good. Whoopi calls him out, being disingenuous, explains reasons. Sunny wants to know if sidepiece who is a lawyer herself, advised her boyfriend that it’s against the law to reveal the identity of a whistleblower. Sunny says again Yes it is a crime. Whoopi scolds him, goes in again, on him outing the name. Sunny wants to talk about the memo of the call, which she repeats is not a transcript. Recaps remarks released by the WH. Sunny calls out his lie, Ukraine did know aid was withheld. Sunny says many Ambassadors have testified. Abby reminds that Sondland even changed his testimony. Audience boos at him.

Meghan says a lot of Americans miss character. She takes him to task for going after military families including the Gold Star Khan family. Whoopi scoffs in the middle of his rambling nonsense. Meghan goes back to, character in politics matters, he put Gold Star families through pain. Meghan says he never apologized. Meghan doesn’t let it go, says (remarks like that) wouldn’t have been worth it. Recalls when MyFather™ stopped a town hall lady talking about Obama. Whoopi wonders why they can’t ever say they’re sorry. Meghan wonders why they can’t bring civility back. Whoopi says suck it up (re/anger at opponents of T45). Obama became President, the first thing said was that he would be a one-term President, by Mitch McConnell. Tells them to stop whining. Part of being in office is having a pair. Joy reads a list of awful things, T45 called MX r/pists, attacked handicapped, Access p-tape. Supports what Meghan was talking about, lowering the discourse. Response segues to personal attacks. Joy is adamant that she never wore blackface. Whoopi starts to address not rape-rape remark, she says ok now that you’ve broken this piece of ice, if this is the fight you want, do you want to question my character. A fight ensues. Sunny says Obama took a lot more heat than T45 has taken, and at his (T45) hand. Whoopi rings bell, goes to commercial.

Sunny points out the outrageously hilarious lack of self-awareness when he said he wished his name was Hunter Biden so he could benefit from his father. Sunny lists all the examples of the lies, lies, and more lies about grifting. $40.8M from DC hotel just in 2018. More details of grifting while in office. Sunny repeats they make money. Whoopi has to scold again, says shut up. Abby wonders who they want as the Dem opponent. Joy laughs that he’s not ~that rich. Joy says that T45 is petrified of Biden. More non-sequitor diversions. Joy is on the side of free speech and comedy. Abby asks personal question. Then Whoopi kicks them out, says this part of the show is over, goes to commercial.

[1] Trump Fundraising Emails says in this tweet thread (which copies RNC campaign email) that if you contribute $50 or more, then you get a signed copy of Traitor Tot book. So, RNC campaign funds are buying multiple copies of the book (which retails for less than $50) to boost its sales and line Traitor Tot pocket.

Hot Topic School Day Until 6PM

Kamala Harris proposed extending the school day to 6PM to reduce burden of child care. Joy says kids are going home and playing video games. Instead do more work in school, then go home, but pay teachers more. Sunny would’ve agreed until her kids reached high school. Talks about the enormous homework, especially if they’re athletes, so they’re up late every night. Whoopi thinks keeping a kid in school that long is like institutionalizing them. A lot of schools don’t have gymnasiums or after school programs. It would make her crazy, she’d want to go outside. Sunny says grant money would go to other activities like music, arts, athletics, engineering, lists other co-sponsors of the bill. Abby wants to fix maternity laws before addressing this topic. Meghan says that she loves hosting this show with them every day.

Ontd how many unintelligent lying grifters do you know?

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