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Kpop scandal post: Monsta X and Produce 48/X

SCANDAL ONE: Wonho leaves/is booted from Monsta X and Starship Entertainment

What happened? Wonho was accused of stealing over $20k from Jung Da-eun, Han Seo-hee's girlfriend. (Han Seo-hee is the former Kpop trainee who was involved in T.O.P's [Big Bang member] marijuana scandal.) While Starship Entertainment initially denied the allegations, things quickly escalated, with Jung Da-eun and Han Seo-hee further revealing that Wonho had previously served time in a juvenile detention centre and Dispatch reporting that Wonho was alleged to have used marijuana in 2013.

Ultimately, Wonho left both Monsta X and Starship Entertainment.

SCANDAL TWO: Produce showrunners and label executives admit to rigging votes

What happened? The Produce franchise is(/was?) a reality series where trainees compete to form a new Kpop group that will promote for a limited amount of time. Trainees were treated like disposable products and often subjected to malicious editing, with some rarely shown on screen outside of group practices/performances/evaluations and relatively minor mistakes during performances edited to look like absolute train wrecks.

People have long speculated that the votes were somehow rigged. Speculation intensified after various trainees on Produce 48 shot up in the rankings with little to no rhyme or reason behind their sudden ascents; things became even more suspicious when some of the most popular Produce X trainees were suddenly and inexplicably knocked out of the top 12 during the final episode.

Well, turns out that grass is green and water is wet. Trainees from certain labels were given special privileges and benefits, while certain producers received favours to try and swing the results in favour of particular trainees. One of the producers in particular was reported to have received inducements from label executives that included trips to an "adult entertainment establishment."

Announcements that the results for Produce 48 and Produce X were rigged have been met with calls to disband the groups from those seasons--IZ*ONE and X1. As of yet, they're still trucking along, but IZ*ONE has cancelled their comeback showcase and future variety appearances are in doubt.

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I'm somewhat out of the loop (esp re MX/Wonho) so lmk in the comments if you have clarifications/additional information/etc.
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