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ONTD Original: Kacey Musgraves being messy

It should come as no surprise to any of us that a white woman willingly going by “Spacey Kacey” can and will be problematic/messy. Inspired by “Can someone pls make a post about this, that shit was infuriating and she needs to be called out for it” -lost_coastlines

In November 2017, in a now deleted tweet, brunette, country Paris Hilton sent out this Q to the twitterverse:

“Would anyone be offended if I was 'Smokeahontas' for Halloween?“

Welllllll here are some responses to that:

Some other other examples of her messiness with the Native American culture

Per ONTD historian pretensetious
“People in her comments called her out for not purchasing it by a native designer and she ignored it (unsurprisingly). Her stans just said it's not her fault, it's her designer's, but her designer lied and said it was native made. People fact checked the designer and found out it wasn't.”

Vietnamese Ao Dai but make it sexy...
October 12th of THIS YEAR. YES 2019. Little miss Kacey thought it’d be supes cute to wear a Vietnamese traditional outfit during her concert in Dallas. The ao dai is a symbol of the Vietnamese feminine beauty, and the pride of the Vietnamese people. Kacey thought that she could make it hot by losing the trouser. Now here’s how it’s supposed to be worn:

And here’s how Musgraves wore it:

Please note the RANDOM ASS HEADPIECE maang tikka set that’s common in South Asian countries that is meant to make it even more “exotic”.
(Thanks to michiru apologies for my lack of research)

According to Google (or from what I can find) she did not issue any type of apology or show any signs of regret.

Response to the Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting

Thanks, problematic!

I’m sure there’s more incidences out there but I’m tired from just the little amount that I did. Kudos to everyone that post, I appreciate the hard work.

My first post ever please go easy 🙏🏼

SOURCE 3 / SOURCE 4 / me and google
Tags: music / musician (country), race / racism
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