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Taylor Swift comments on artists choosing to release standalone singles instead of albums

Taylor Swift recently opened up about the everchanging musical landscape in a new interview with Music Week. Swift was asked about artists not releasing albums in the traditional way she does. For example, how some artists are choosing to surprise release their albums with minimal promotion and singles, while other artists now choose to drop standalone singles, and not release a studio album at all.

“It’s really interesting to see different release plans. If you look at what Drake did and then what Beyoncé does, incredible artists who have really curated what it is to drop music in their own way. We all do it differently, which is cool,” says the “Delicate” singer.

She also discussed artists, like her amiga Katy Perry, who are now opting not to release albums in favor of standalone singles (“Never Really Over,” “Small Talk,” and “Harleys in Hawaii”).

Swift says, “As long as people dropping just singles want to be doing that, then I’m fine with it, but it feels like a big general wave that’s been pressured by people in power, that’s not cool. I do really hope that in the future artists have more of a say over strategy. We’re not just supposed to make art and hand it to a team that masterminds it.”

What do you think? Do you prefer traditional studio album releases or lil’ quick standalone singles?

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