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The Bachelor Creator Mike Fleiss Reconciles With Estranged Wife

An update to The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss accused of attacking pregnant wife after demanding an abortion. The pair have decided to reconcile.

In a statement Laura says

Over the summer, my husband and I went through a challenging time, as all marriages do. There was an emotionally charged incident in which we fought over a phone and both exhibited immature and irresponsible behavior. This situation led to making rash decisions we both regret.

However, I would like to correct the erroneous reporting that my husband intentionally tried to attack and hurt me. That is untrue. We both take full responsibility for our actions and have worked very hard to repair the damage to our relationship and family and are working together with the help of a marriage counselor to rebuild what we lost.

I love @fleissmeister and our kids very much. We appreciate your support at this time.

Back in July Laura Fleiss filed for a restraining order against her husband Mike Fleiss saying he was verbally abusive throughout their entire marriage and became enraged when she became pregnant with their second child. During one incident he pushed and pinned her against the wall as they fought over a phone. She included security camera screenshots and pictures of her bruises as evidence to the court.

At no point did ABC nor WarnerBros Studios (which distributors The Bachelor) suspend and/or fire Mike Fleiss over the allegations.

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