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The View: Jordin Sparks, Dr Oz, Beetlejuice on Broadway, Halloween Special

Halloween Special
Stephen King theme! Sunny is Pennywise, Abby is Carrie, Joy and Meghan are the Grady Twins from The Shining, and Whoopi is the cat from Pet Semetary.

[Meghan is normal today]

Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks won the 6th season of American Idol in 2007. She’s now appearing as Jenna in the Broadway musical Waitress. Her costume is Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon.

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Jordin explains why she picked her costume. Joy says Jordin’s family didn’t do Halloween. JS says her mom wanted her to be safe, they’d take trips. JS says she did it like 1x every 10 years. Shows photo as dead Dorothy. She went to one of Heidi Klum’s parties. Sunny said her last visit she was pregnant, now her son is 1 ½ yrs old. Shows funny. Asks about being pregnant and a new mom in the public eye. JS compares and contrasts. Says it can be isolating at time. On a group thread with Natasha Bedingfield, Rachel Platton, others. Meghan brings up AZ where JS is from, asks what JS misses about it. JS says hiking, summer monsoons, rainy winters, not having snow, her family most of all. Abby loves Waitress, listens to the soundtrack every other day. JS talks about her role as Jenna vs her real life marriage. Talks about her seeing the show many times before she started the role, what she looked for and noticed. They’re doing 8 shows a week, it’s a lot. She loves having a live audience.

Hot Topic The View Panel Halloween

The show opens with Abby getting into Christine car, which turns itself to radio station playing Baby Shark, she freaks out but Christine locks her in the car. Sunny is attacked by little Bernie fluffy dog that becomes a miniature Cujo, races to Joy’s dressing room. Joy is dressed as Annie Wilkes from Misery, whacking the legs of Scaramucci with a sledgehammer. Abby and Sunny race to Whoopi’s dressing room, who looks normal but talks about conjuring all the Stephen King novels. Then Meghan chops through the door like Jack from The Shining only to say, we’re doing Stephen King, let's start the show. Continues with the long and winding road to the Overlook Motel, with Danny on his hot wheels scared by the Grady Twins and the nightmare of T45 in office forever and ever and ever.

Sunny talks about being afraid of clowns since she was a child so she thought dressing as Pennywise would be therapy. Said it’s not working out lol. Abby talks about being picked on like Carrie, but you know what happens when you pick on the nice girl, she kills everyone off. Joy and Meghan are the evil twins because whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, they’re the two who are your worst nightmare. Whoopi ran out of Stephen King characters, didn’t want to be Cujo. Joy says the cat fits into her hairdo. Whoopi points out that she has a litterbox. Producer Brian is Andy Dufresne from Shawshank Redemption.

Here are a few outtakes from the opening segment

Halloween Kid Costumes Inspired by 2019 Hot Topics

Wardrobe supervisor is in the J Lo ~Dress that she wore again for 50th birthday

. T45 wearing the infamous hurricane map drawing path with a Sharpie

. Spicey and his DWTS partner

. Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus as Old Town Road

. Ageing app

. Rocketman

. Secret Service bring out Bernie (crazy hair), Biden (tape over gaffe mouth), Warren “I Have a Plan”, Kamala “That Litte Girl Was Me”, and Yang Gang making it rain with $$$

Hot Topic Dr Oz

His costume is Game of Bones [which I have learned is also the name of a p0rn film? 😲] from Game of Thrones. Oz named his dog Khaleesi. Meghan says they’re celebrating Stephen King, asks if he’s a fan. Oz says he liked The Shining. Talks about why people like horror movies. Sunny says she doesn’t like horror movies. Oz talks about dopamine surge when watching horror movies. Meghan read it was similar to liking roller coasters. Sunny says she’s high on life. Joy asks about his grandchildren who are 2 yrs and 5 yrs. Shows photo. He likes being able to suspend reality, gets to have fun with them. Joy says she’d never dress up except for the show.

Sunny asks about candy. Oz says they give out thin slices of apples. Meghan mocks him. Oz says you should give dark chocolate or real food. He doesn’t fight with his (grown) kids about their traditions. Oz says they decorate the house. Meghan says he’s done 11 seasons of his show. Asks about him meeting with the Dem candidates about health, asks about Bernie. Oz says the main leading candidates are in their 70s. Oz says a correctly fixed heart problem, the odds are good. Talks % year over year. Risk is out there in your 70s regardless.

Hot Topic Broadway Beetlejuice

Cast Performance

Hot Topic Also

. Owners of Economy Candy, Skye and Mitchell Cohen, were dressed as Wendy and Jack from The Shining. 3rd generation owners, has over 2,000 types of candy. Started as a shoe and hat repair shop. Switched to candy during the Great Depression. They gave candy bags to the audience.

. Whoopi thanks the producers, crew, hair and makeup and wardrobe team who sorted out the Halloween episode

Ontd what is your Halloween costume?

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