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The Great Canadian Baking Show S3 Semifinals! (And Bonus Announcement!)

Are you already sad that this season of The Great British Bake Off is over? Don't fret! Canada's got your back! This week, the top 4 bakers from Season 3 of The Great Canadian Baking Show faced off to find out who will make it to the finals!

The four remaining bakers are Colin, Jodi, Chris, and Nataliia. (All of them are awesome, lovely people and should get to stay, btw.)

The semifinal theme is Pie Week!

This week's challenges:

Signature Bake

The challenge for this week's Signature Bake is to make a pie with a face. Any face! Face pie!

Jodi's Black Bear-y Cheesecake Pie

Chris' Howling Wolf Savoury Pie

Nataliia's Face in the Mirror Pie

Colin's Savoury Medusa Pie

Technical Challenge

The Technical challenge this week is to make a Pithieviers (Gallette des Rois). This is what is should look like:

Technical Challenge Ranking Results

1) Colin

2) Nataliia

3) Jodi

4) Chris

Showstopper Challenge

And the semifinal Showstopper Challenge is to bake Tiered Pies and/or Tarts (at least 3 tiers).

Jodi's Brunchuppert Pie Tower

Nataliia's Euro Dinner Pie Tower

Colin's Family Cottage Favourites

Chris' Pies of Alsace

This week's Star Baker is


And the Baker Going Home is


Aww…poor Chris :( He was so lovely!

Next week is the Finals of Season 3 of The Great Canadian Baking Show! We'll see who wins on Wednesday!

In other exciting news, CBC has announced a new special: The Great Canadian Holiday Baking Show! It'll air on Wednesday, November 13 at 8:00pm and brings back four bakers from Seasons 1 & 2. The four bakers are Jame, Vandana, Megan, and (my bb!) Timothy!

Source 2

Who else has been watching GCBS? What do you think of the new hosts? Who do you want to win? After the wonkiness with this season's of GBBO being super hard on the bakers and exploiting their emotions, I'm happy GCBS is here.
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