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Rhythm + Flow goes viral

D Smoke's Last Supper (Finale performance) :

What Are Rhythm + Flow’s Top 4 Up To Next? By Netflix' Talk Show

* More releases + tours from all of them, Londynn's "I Can't Change" is a hit
* Most difficult moments during the competition : the cypher rounds (sorry to Old Man Saxon)
* Feel like the contestants and the jury are like a family
* The Jury loves them and can't wait to see what they're gonna do in the future with their careers

Troyman's "Streetlight"

Londynn B's "Only One"

Flawless Real Talk "On My way":

D Smoke's Interview via Hollywood Life :

* Will give some of the prize as a scholarship to some of his students
* Plans on releasing an afro-futuristic book about a boy from his hometown Inglewood
* Released his EP "Inglewood High" on streaming platforms

Cardi B & T.I. Play 'Most Likely To'--"Rhythm & Flow" Edition! | E! News

* Who's most likely to sext? Have risqué pics of themselves? Get angry? etc

Sources : D Smoke @ NETFLIXNetflix , Troyman's performance @ NETFLIX, Londynn B's performance @ NETFLIX , Flawless Real Talk @ NETFLIX, D Smoke @ Hollywood Life, E!NEWS @ YT


Tags: black celebrities, cardi b, music / musician (rap and hip-hop), netflix, t.i.

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