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Kirsten Dunst on her relationship with Lars von Trier, working with Jane Campion, and 'The Bell Jar'

  • Kirsten Dunst gave a round of interviews after the finale of the first season "On Becoming a God in Central Florida"

  • When asked by IndieWire if she still had a relationship with Lars Von Trier after his "I am a Nazi" fiasco on Cannes 2011, she said: “The only time I ever text him is on his birthday, but that’s because it’s also my birthday.” - they were both born on April 30th.

  • “He wanted me to play some role in a Jack the Ripper movie, but it was a little too…” she doesn't finish the setences, later admiting that she hasn't watched the film.

  • She is replacing miss scientology Elisabeth Moss in the upcoming Jane Campion movie "Power of the Dog", an adaptation of the Thomas Savage book, which is set to premiere on theaters and Netflix on 2020. (It will also star Benedict Cumberbatch and Paul Dano)

  • Kiki feels bad for Elisabeth, but is excited to work with Campion: “Jane is friendly with Sofia Coppola as well, and she had written me a letter years and years ago, like in 2001. And I kept it because I was like, ‘Holy shit, Jane Campion wrote me a letter,’ and it was about doing another film that never happened. But I always felt like I needed to work with this woman. It feels like kismet. It feels right.”

  • She teases that more news about the movie are about to come out soon.

  • 'The Bell Jar' movie adaptation was supposed to be her directional debut, but that project fell apart as she decided to focus on her baby son. She never really had the rights and the script has been going around and being rewritten for years.

  • The project is now set to be a miniseries with Dakota Fanning still starring as Esther Greenwood.

  • In cute news, Jesse Plemons named "Marie Antoinette" as his favorite Kirsten Dunst movie cus he got taste!


What's your favorite Kirsten Dunst movie, ONTD? TYFYA!
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