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The View: Khristene Chapa, Impeachapalooza, Meghan Tantrum, Hot Topics

Full panel except for Chapa segment

[Brace yourself, Meghan has a spoiled brat breakdown during Impeachapalooza segment, it’s a doozy.]

Khristene and Grace Chapa

Khristine Chapa and her mother, Grace, talk about the June 2012 attack where [man name redacted] assaulted and shot both Khristene and her girlfriend Mollie. Khristene survived, but Mollie did not. A semi-tough watch. She’s strong and brave. A promo for Sunny’s show Truth About Murder

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Sunny talks with victim Khristene (Kris) and her mom. It’s been 7 years since the attack; Khristene and her mom talk details. Sunny doesn’t feel the media talks enough about attacks in the LGBTQ community. Khristene was afraid to speak up, also being Catholic. Her mom said, at the time while she was worried about her daughter’s life, she didn’t care about her also having a girlfriend. She was worried more about her daughter surviving, but it wouldn’t have mattered. Khristene was worried about her parents accepting her. Kris realized she underestimated her parents and has their support. Police followed leads for years, finally arrested and convicted the criminal. The criminal is appealing. Kris says the attacker wouldn’t look at her in the courtroom. The full show airs tonight on Investigation Discovery.

You can read more about the crime here

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

[I didn’t summarize all of this because it was a lot of emotional overtalking nonsense]

Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, a decorated war veteran who is on the National Security Council, is testifying today. Fox questions his legitimacy and patriotism. Plays clip. Joy says his family was Jewish, they immigrated escaping some degree of oppression. Talks about the irony that they question Vindman, who speaks the local language plus his credentials, vs Bone Spurs who barely speaks English. Abby says there’s nothing more unpatriotic in questioning a loyal military officer of being a spy. Abby is over it, she sees a problem with the call, but if GOP isn’t already on board, how will today’s testimony change things. Sunny feels it’s quite un-American to attack a citizen over their birthplace. Mentions Kissinger, Rep Meadows, Obama was born in Hawaii (lol), McCain was born in Panama. Native language is a benefit. He’s the first WH official ~on the call. Dismantles the hearsay defense [How is anything hearsay when the WH has a summary of the call on their own website and T45 has said he said what he said multiple times I’m so tired].

[The second clip is the blow up, especially from 3:00 mark]
Meghan goes on her rant about military criticism. Diverts to Tulsi and Hillary*, gets rude quick. I’m skipping her emotional breathless rant. Whoopi wants to hear from everyone, says you’re talking over each other (audience oooohs), continues her thought. Meghan responds by backtalking Whoopi, interrupting again. So Whoopi takes them to commercial.

Sunny clarifies that she comes from a military family so she’s supportive to the military, but we have had war criminals. Meghan rants more. Joy feels people talking against T45 are being patriotic because he doesn’t represent America. Meghan rants more. Abby thinks people on ~both sides are putting their party ahead of country. Joy challenges her b.s. Abby begs people to see the Ukraine call for what it is, rages about people who claim the testimony today is from a spy. Joy says they do this because the GOP is getting what they want – lists reasons. Sunny doesn’t believe you can claim a false equivalency at this point in time [T45 is a grifter and traitor]. Whoopi says get off twitter. Meghan MyDad™. Sunny lol says T45 uses twitter in running the country. Abby brings up the dog. Whoopi wonders what will happen if we know the dog’s name. Sunny explains why the dog’s name is classified. [T45 shouldn’t have published the photo what a dum dum].

[*Dear View producers, interns, panel, the NYT corrected their piece and said Hillary was responding to a question about Republican influence not Russian influence. Way to stay on top of things.]

Hot Topic School Assigns Lunch Seating

Wisconsin school assigning seats to prevent children from having to sit by themselves. The assignments rotate so children sit with different groups. Abby says she likes the idea, encourages people to interact with those who may be different. Sunny is a talker, she talks to everybody. Says they did this at her kid’s school starting middle school, she loved it. Her kids made friends with other kids they might not have become friends with. Abby says it teaches good life lessons. Meghan said she had her core group of friends. She hasn’t been in school in a long time, doesn’t care either way. Joy also likes uniforms, a lot of bullying is about clothing. Most kids are bullied because their clothes aren’t up to snuff. Whoopi chose who to sit next to, she didn’t want being told what to do. It’s how you learn how to take rejection or learn how to deal with things.

Hot Topic Joy’s Lasagna Sparks 3rd Party Debate

Joy thinks Tulsi will run 3rd party, whereas Meghan said Bloomberg will be more likely. So they bet a Joy lasagna, but Joy wonders what she’ll get in return. Panel debates who will or won’t run as 3rd party and talks how much they love Joy’s lasagna. Panel debates who and this and what. Whoopi says the hardest thing in the world is to be patient and listen. We’re still more than a year away. Meghan says she’s a poll freak. Joy wants to see the impeachment over (completed). They go back to what does Joy get if she wins the bet. Joy says there’s nothing the girls have that she wants. Then something about viruses and flu shots and this was ridiculous I can’t believe I’m still writing.

Ontd did you sit with your friends at school lunch?

Source links are below each video or section
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