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The View: Impeachapalooza and Hot Topics

No Guests Today

[Tfw Abby annoys you way more than Meghan egads]

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

Rudy Colludy butt-dialed NBC reporter 2x last month, talking about Bidens and needing money $200K. Plays audio clip. Whoopi says she needs some money [lorrrddd]. Joy says he’s multitasking, butt-dialing while also kissing T45 butt. Abby says The Daily Show tweeted maybe it’s been Rudy’s butt that’s been the whistleblower. Abby says someone kept butt dialing her. Turn off your phone. She eventually told them. A=Abby first name, so she got it a lot. Meghan says her fave Rudy Colludy story is that he’s going through divorce, and his ex-wife left with his remote controls and cable boxes so he can’t watch tv. It’s sad to watch but also entertaining. Abby wonders if he did it on purpose, wanting the story out there. Panel jokes some more.

Hot Topic Bad Guy Killed But T45 Still Screws it Up

The whole aftermath of the operation was a sh/tshow

al-Baghdadi killed. Plays clip. Crazypants lost his damn mind and said the dumbest most outrageous things ever, many of which were lies. He is such a defective human. Great that B is dead but of course the Narcissist in Chief made it all about him. Sunny said folks inside the admin say this happened -in spite of- T45, not because of him. T45 had selective notification, didn’t inform the Gang of 8 including Pelosi Schiff Schumer, he only informed 2 GOP. [But he told Russia!] Abby felt it was a huge deal. Doesn’t want to hear T45 bashing, because she’s proud of the military. Has a ridiculous rant.

Meghan talks about Kayla Mueller from Prescott AZ who was with Doctors Without Borders. Captured, tortured, killed. Wants to honor her and her family. Wants to take the win and think of her family. Sunny feels it’s a win for the country, and honor the armed forces, and our allies like the Kurds but he thanked Russia first. Abby thinks that’s an attack line. Abby wants to know if Sunny was in the Sit Room. Sunny says, was ~he in the Sit Room [bloop hahaha]. Moves on to World Series, getting boos and Lock Him Up. Meghan called the World Series a swamp. [Oh ok].

Sunny continues, T45 doesn’t get the support because most people don’t feel T45 puts the country first. Lists infinite number of reasons. Abby wants to defend thanking Russia before even telling Gang of 8. [Russia claimed they had no knowledge]. Sunny calls her out, why did he tell Russia before Gang of 8. Joy interjects, everyone is happy the guy is dead and troops are safe. We don’t trust that T45 is a real American. Meghan agrees it’s weird to thank Russia before thanking our troops flag America. Joy reminds that he dissed Pelosi and Dems over leaks, when the leaks are coming from his own people. Meghan says the politics come from his behavior.

Hot Topic Real Americans Boo T45 at World Series

[Real Americans =/= not to be confused with the paid actors (who don’t actually get paid, bloop*) who fill seats at his Klan rallies. What a bubble he lives in].

See related post here by tanglespiders

Nationals World Series game. Plays clip. Boos, Lock Him Up. Meghan said it was in the DC swamp. Whoopi says No people are legit angry at him. She was in DC the night of the game [signing books]. She saw lots of people in their jerseys going to game, they didn’t want to give him anything, they’re fed up with him. He’s infinitely disappointing. Abby quotes Michelle Obama, don’t stoop to his level. Meghan says protesting is American, it’s fair game. Sunny says the chants came from the cheap seats, the real people seats, not the expensive suites with wealthy people. Meghan wants to have a toast to Jack Daniels in celebration of dead ISIS guy since they can’t do that on the show.

*According to FEC disclosure, T45 hired actors to fill seats during his campaign, but he never paid them! Are you more shocked that he hired actors for audience members, or that the Grifter in Chief never paid them?!

Hot Topic Revenge P0rn is Bad

Short version: Dems still try to (mostly) play by the rules, while the corrupt GOP flaunts their corruptness.

Rep Katie Hill (D-CA) resigns, due to revenge p0rn /allegedly/ leaked by her ex. Meghan says revenge p0rn is wrong, don’t look for it, but she had a relationship with a staffer. Meghan says sometimes if people are open about personal life vs hiding it. Joy brings up also the power dynamic. Abby says if it were a man then he would've been gone before now. The Daily Mail is trash. Media doesn't care that it can ruin a person's life. Joy talks about Dems being more strict, lists GOP crooks who still haven’t resigned. Sunny chimes in with all the crimes T45 has committed. Talks about her social life and whether it was wise, knowing her future career pursuits. Some of the photos were during her campaign. Ex-husband is trash. Whoopi says don’t take photos if you don’t want them to hurt you in the future.

Icymi you can read about the details under the cut [Spoiler (click to open)]
Allegations of inappropriate relationships and resignation

In October 2019, the right-wing political blog RedState published allegations that Hill was involved in an extramarital affair with her campaign finance manager. Hill denied the allegations, saying that her estranged husband, whom she described as "abusive", was doing everything he could to humiliate her, and that her political opponents were exploiting a private matter for political gain. Hill reached out to the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to deny the allegations. RedState also published nude photos of Hill as part of the story. Hill said that the U.S. Capitol Police opened an investigation in to who may have leaked the photos.

The House Ethics Committee announced on October 23, 2019, that it would conduct an investigation into the allegations against Hill. On that same day, Hill sent an email to constituents in which she admitted to an "inappropriate relationship" with a campaign staffer before becoming a congresswoman (hence out of scope of the Congressional investigation) and promised to cooperate with the Congressional ethics investigation regarding allegations of wrongdoing as a member of Congress.

On October 27, Hill announced via Twitter that she would resign from Congress. She wrote, "This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but I believe it is the best thing for my constituents and our country." Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Hill made "some errors in judgment that made her continued service as a Member untenable." She has vowed to combat revenge porn after photos of her were leaked.

Hot Topic Silent Salon

[Freeze frame is wrong but the clip is the right segment]

London salon is offering a silent haircut. Abby says with kids, her moments of silence is rare. Joy doesn’t like it when they talk during a massage. Sunny likes the chit-chat at the salon. Gets a lot of scoop, plus during the mani-pedi’s. She likes to talk to everyone. She’s an only child, wants to talk. Meghan likes to talk to everybody. Joy says they want to put a nickel (5c) in [no one else gets the Peanuts Lucy The Psychiatrist is In reference]. Sunny says she learns interesting things. Whoopi is bored.

Hot Topic Also

State of emergency in northern California due to wildfires that have forced 200K people from their homes. See related post here by scriptedending

RIP Rep John Conyers (D-MI)

Plug for Disney+ which starts Nov 12, includes Sister Act

Ontd do you like to talk at the salon?

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