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John Legend Tries to Politely Disown Kanye

in the new somewhat bizarre vanity fair cover story on the legend family where the writer spends the better half of the article wishing these two were the first family of the us for some reason john legend and chrissy teigen talked about kanye, trump, and their families.

john on kanye: “I’m not trying to disown Kanye because I still love him and love everything we’ve done together creatively. But we were never the closest of friends.”
he goes on to say, “I think what was always challenging about it was Kanye has never been political. I don’t think he knows one way or another what policies of Trump’s he likes. He just kind of embraced Trump’s blow-it-all-up spirit and the energy of himself being countercultural in supporting him.”

on kim's efforts in the white house: “It’s a cheap win for [Trump]. But the people being granted clemency are real people with families. So even if the clemency is won through his celebrity-whore tendencies, it’s still helpful for that family and that person. At the same time, he’s locking kids in cages and he’s a terrible human being....” says john.

“To be able to go in there and put whatever you hate about him aside to do this greater good for this person?” says chrissy. “I don’t know if I could physically muster that smile and handshake.”

on the possible trump impeachment: “I think there needs to be jail time for him, for the whole family,” declares chrissy. “I feel like he still gets away with everything if he gets out of his office. I know that his first tweet after he’s impeached will be, ‘I didn’t want to be there anyway.’ ”

on who they are supporting: “My favorite is Elizabeth Warren. She’s the best candidate running today and she comes at it with joy and with sincerity and with a wealth of knowledge and experience,” is john's take.

“I love Elizabeth Warren. I also love Kamala Harris,” is chrissy's take.

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