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Love After Lockup 3.11 "Felon Proposals and Aggressive Christians" Recap

- Malicious Wounder with a Heart of Gold wants to buy a ring for the Vh1 doppelgänger
- Quesadilla Calzone won't stop following Chasing Amber like the fucking weirdo - dude wake up, your girlfriend is in love with her girlfriend
- The Meth Trailer Park Crossed Couple might be on an Unexpected crossover
- Great Value Bonnie and Clyde have a display of romance at a TGI Friday's
- Divine Eyebrows and Wanna B Jon B have their engagement party and is now deciding to tell her momma that she'll allow her children to follow Islam
- They are not pregnant and Walking Graffiti doesn't want to be a dad
- The Couple Stuck in 2004 have a date where she reveals she's going to see her other prisoner boyfriend
- MWwHG proposes and I guess the Doppelgänger says yes, in a way
- Hype Ass Tammy ain't trying hear nothing about Muslim from Wanna B Jon B
- Cheryl with $8 in her hand looking at $5K rings

- Vh1 Doppelgänger gives back the ring as she reveals her other inmate boyfriend also proposed and then blames Shane because she didn't like the proposal then proceeds to repeatedly hit Shane, sorry ass ho
- OP was just befuddled how her mammaries weren't escaping that Rue21 dress
- Grade for this episode: C+


This episode has been brought to you by: Keep Your Hands to Your Fucking Self.
Tags: arrest / arrest warrant, reality show, violence / domestic abuse

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