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Trump gets booed to shit and “Lock Him Up” chants at the World Series

- Before the 4th inning, service members were shown on the jumbotron with a “thank you for your service” chyron, and got their usual applause. They tried to sneak Trump in there, without the chyron, and the cheers quickly switched to loud booing, which is unfortunate timing for the people trying to spin it this morning. Then the crowd, led by the upper decks, started chanting “lock him up.”

- Trump was unhappy, probably lulled into a false sense of security by all the red hats. The broadcast on Fox didn’t show much of it, muted the crowd noise, and probably sent an intern down to tell him they were saying “boo-urns.”

- The sensible moderates and dignity of the office folks are Extremely Dismayed about the Level of Our Discourse. It is terrible, simply terrible, that this crowd engaged in behavior that Trump has been conducting at rallies for years (minus the calls for violence, of course.) What will the world think of us?

- OP is delighted because she feared the crowd would be too full of these types to do anything.

Full video of the booing:

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