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Apple TV+ Stars, Creators Show Off 6 (4) New Series at Variety Collaborations Event

So with the release of Apple TV+ on Nov. 1st (Though only 1/2 of these shows will release then, whatever), there was some Apple TV+ & Variety Collaboration thing in Beverly Hills, so here you go. They had 6 panels for 6 shows, and so I'll post about...4 of 'em so here you go.

("Why are you shilling for Apple, OP?" "Because this involves my fave, so shut up.")

No, there is nothing about Defending Jacob here, I'm very sorry Chris Evans fans.

re: Truth Be Told, executive producer Lauren Neustadter also said that in speaking with real journalists, few were willing to say if there was one particular story they fear they got wrong and whether they would work to correct that mistake years later. Neustadter said that drive forms the core of (Octavia) Spencer’s
character, Poppy.

"She is willing to put everything on the line because she is a good person and she knows that if she was wrong, she has to admit that she was wrong.

(Sounds interesting)

Showrunner (Alena) Smith re: Dickinson: “This Emily Dickinson takes no prisoners. Sometimes I even compare her to Khaleesi in ‘Game of Thrones’ — she’s going after those dragons, but they’re her poems,” Smith said. “It took some incredibly badass spirit for her to keep writing without us knowing where she got that fuel from.”

(OP has no idea what the bolded means in this context but bets that you do!)

(Jennifer) Aniston and (Reese) Witherspoon praised the fact that The Morning Show does not skew toward a certain perspective (male or female), saying that showrunner (Kerry) Ehrin worked hard to keep things balanced.

“One thing that I thought Kerry does so brilliantly is she doesn’t come at it with a judgment on either side,” Aniston said.

Executive producer Jason Blumenthal went on to discuss the intensity of shooting the entire first season of Servant inside a single house in Philadelphia, and how he was able to catch the interest of the notoriously picky M. Night Shyamalan.

“I sent him episodes 1 and 2 of ‘Servant.’ [...] He made it clear he didn’t read other people’s stuff,” Blumenthal said. “I woke up at 6 a.m. the next morning to go to set and he’d already emailed me, and all it said was ‘M. Night Shyamalan, WTF,’ and I knew I had him.”

Toby Kebbell plays a chef on the show, and the British actor revealed that he cooked all the meals presented on screen himself. The OP canNOT help BUT to STAN.

Me preparing to consider buying this for a month:

There are VIDEOS at the SOURCE and they are delightful, there's also way more text & shit at the source too.
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