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Watch out, Michael Ché - Colin Jost Has a New BFF!

In news none of you asked for... CNN documented the "reunion" between fellow Harvard bros, Colin Jost and South Bend's absent Mayor, Peter Buttigieg! Both Jost & Buttigieg attended Harvard at the same time and even lived in the same dormitory, though Jost would like you to know they weren't actually friends while at Harvard. Which, weirdly, seems to be a running theme with literally everyone who went to Harvard with Peter. 🤔 Jost is currently impersonating Buttigieg on SNL, an impersonation that consists entirely of Jost standing on his knees while making robot sounds.

Buttigieg couldn't help but gush over what a "small world" it was that two white dudes who went to Harvard together beat the odds and actually found success despite being truly terrible at their respective jobs. Jost's fiancé, Scarlett Johannson, was a guest on Jimmy Fallon this week with Peter. Johannson has been keeping busy by defending Woody Allen & maxing out on donations to Buttigieg while Buttigieg, himself, has been kept busy with receiving those donations and advocating for more Supreme Court Justices like the now retired Justice Anthony Kennedy. You might remember Kennedy for recommending & supporting Brett Kavanaugh's SC nomination as his son continued to bail out Trump financially. It truly IS a small world!
Okay, so ScarJo did not donate to Peter ... yet ... but the joke stays!

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