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The View: T.I. and Hot Topics

Full panel today

Clifford Joseph Harris Jr is on The View and Remains Sexy While Doing So

Idt we like him anymore but it’s #FBF. T.I. is promoting Rhythm + Flow on Netflix.

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Starts with his political beliefs. He’s Anybody But Tr/mp 2020. Thinks Bernie has a strong base. Would need a good VP due to his age and health. Joy says maybe Klobuchar, TI says maybe Andrew Gillum. Abby brings up police violence. TI thinks it’s an agenda, evidence of white supremacy. Should have psychiatric evaluations of policeman continued throughout a police officer’s service. Cites Stanford experiment.

Sunny saw his panel with Candace Owen. Talks his podcast. Brings up Jay Z partnering with NFL. TI thinks it shows inclusion. Talks details. Sunny probes further, brings up opposing perspectives, revisits Colin Kaepernick. TI wonders who offered who cover. Meghan moves to his show, with Cardi B and Chance the Rapper, which is a 10-part hip-hop talent show on Netflix. Panel lol at his explanation of different perspectives. TI goes back to earlier topic. Says support for Jay Z doesn’t mean lack of support for Colin.

Hot Topic Don’t Be a Bully

Kellyanne Conway is an awful person. She called up the reporter from the Washington Examiner and went off. Plays audio clip. Threatens to investigate the reporter. Joy jokes about KAC saying her husband gets his power from her. Her husband tweets more than T45 does. Panel outlines his experience, doesn’t understand why KAC would claim that anyway. Her assistant was on the phone as proxy, arranges off-the-record. But KAC takes the phone, and no off-the-record agreed*. Panel debates off-the-record ethics. Abby says this is different, she’s calling people and bullying them. WH is nervous, spinning. Sunny wonders if it was appropriate. Joy says the apple doesn’t fall far from the henchman tree.

Meghan cites journalists she’s known since she was a child, off-the-record means that. Blames both sides. Joy reminds Washington Examiner is a right wing newspaper. Abby says being bullied crossed the line. They’re calling people they think they can manipulate. Whoopi said she was a bully, and she bullied a woman she thought would back down. Meghan says if she doesn’t want people to talk about their marriage then stop doing what they’re doing.

**The Washington Examiner explained their off-the-record process, which is specific to each participant. When KAC got on the phone, she would’ve had to re-state it herself.

Hot Topic You Know Who is Still Cancelled Go Away

See related post here by lollapoe

HW showed up to an invite-only event @ Downtime Bar NYC for Actor Hours. Plays clip. Event organizer said she didn’t invite him. Wth and who invited him and why would he even go. Abby says she already suffers from anxiety, and if she were there, she’d have to leave. Joy says he’s shameless. He goes to a comedy club but doesn’t expect to be shamed. Sunny reads a legal disclaimer. Joy says some of these people still insist that it was consensual, despite all the victim reports. Sunny says, putting aside the due process, she wonders about the enablers who were with him. Meghan says they’re like the people who would marry Charles Manson or OJ Simpson. Then Meghan has a weird pouty moment Idk.

Hot Topic Child Sharpie Vandalism

Shows photo. Blogger posted about her 3 yr old son going crazy in his bedroom with a Sharpie. Abby shows photo of her home. Joy wonders why Abby’s child had a Sharpie. Abby says she didn’t give it to her, her daughter found it. Joy says she might be a budding Picasso, go wild. Sunny said her husband Manny nicknamed their daughter Picasso because she was doing the same thing. She remedied it by putting chalkboard paint on the walls and let her do what she wanted.

Hot Topic Adult Sleepovers in Parent’s House

Re/Reddit topic. Mom won’t let daughter’s bf sleep in same room, he has to sleep in the basement. Daughter got a hotel room so they could be together. Panel debates. Joy says grow up, they’re 19 yrs old, they’re doing it anyway. Sunny says Not in my house.

Hot Topic Also

. RIP to Elijah Cummings, panel talks about him laying in state yesterday, the first African American to lay in repose in the Capital, they talk his legacy, lament his passing

[I’m a nerd so I watched some of the funeral today, some very good eulogies]

. Quick plug for Slender Man on 20/20 tonight (Friday). Payton Leutner talks with David Muir, she was stabbed 19 times by former friends in the name of the fictional character

. Whoopi Goldberg is missing! 😲 It’s a 15lb spayed female cat 8 yrs old missing in North Carolina named Whoopi Goldberg

Ontd did you draw on your walls as a child or as an adult?!

Source links are below each video or section
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