Queen Ursula (queenursula) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Queen Ursula

Terminator: Dark Fate's opening scene made Linda Hamilton cry

The opening scene of 'Dark Fate' has a younger actress playing Sarah with Linda Hamilton's face digitially added for a flashback.

"Blessings to all, but I just was so upset that I didn't really have anything to do with it," Hamilton says. "Sarah was not putting up the fight that was written in the scene and I'm like no, no, no, no. My body would be doing different things, more fierce. She's not gonna just let him knock her away, she would be biting him, she'd be grabbing his arm -- not that arm, grab the arm with the gun! It wasn't me and it really hurt. I cried my eyes out when I got home."


If you want to know the context of the scene she's talking about, spoilers have been leaked online.
Tags: actor / actress, film

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