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Lana Del Rey on her SNL performance " It wasn't terrible"

_ Lana Del Rey was interviewed with Elton John for "Rolling Stone" magazine " Musicians on Musicians" edition.

- Del Rey's 2012 " Saturday night Live" performance came up, where many people online criticized her supposed lackluster performance.

-John" You came through that awful thing in that Saturday night Live. Which was so distressing for someone like me to see someone get so crucified. I've watched it, and it wasn't that bad!

- Del Rey" It wasn't terrible".

- John" It wasn't terrible at all, I don't know what the agenda was there, but where was the # MeToo movement there?"

-Del Rey" Oh, you said it,not me!"

- Del Rey remembered later in the interview that that performance marked " the one night in all my time performing that I wasn't nervous. I remember the intention I had. Looking back, there was a more eccentric performative approach to it I was thinking about Maria Callas,someone darker coming through."

-John brings of Ashlee Simpson's 2004 lip synch performance.

- John "I didn't think it was a major f***up, I saw Ashlee Simpson and yeah, that's a major f***up. That's funny. Not to her it isn't,but it's very funny to watch".

_Del Rey" I'm not laughing".


Tags: ashlee simpson, british celebrities, elton john, lana del rey, magazine covers and articles, saturday night live (nbc)

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