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The View: Michael Douglas, Disney on Broadway, Hot Topics

Full panel today
Joy is still a bit sickly

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas is promoting his series The Kominsky Method on Netflix and also talks about his son Cameron’s book

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
[Those Douglas genes are strong]
Plays clip. Tells story about a pending trip, felt bad last night. Wonders if that’s why Joy is sick, she’s planning on going somewhere! Joy says she got sick from London. [I think that first part was cut from clip] Whoopi talks about Cameron being a guest yesterday. Mentions MD encouraging him to write the book. MD wondered how much balance there would be in him blaming his parents (joking) vs [all other people and factors in his life]. MD talks about addiction caring about wealth, color, etc. MD felt like he and CD mother could handle their fair share in whatever is in the book. Plus his friends and whatnot. Book is No. 1 on Amazon bestseller. Sunny says MD pulled away from CD for a bit, reads quote. Plays clip. MD says they went through 18 yrs with his ex-wife. MD watched his dad deal with issues with his sons (there are four), in rehab, in his 80s. Elaborates on the strain in the family. Abby wonders if MD would’ve done anything differently. MD says when they’re underage, the parents can step in. But once they’re an adult, you can’t kid yourself and you can only do your best. MD talks about vaping, test scores going down, get some governing [on this latest fad killing people]. Meghan brings up opioid crisis. Thinks CD wrote an incredible book. Thinks people feel addiction doesn’t impact families who have notoriety, but that’s not true. MD talks about story with his ex-wife at height of CD addiction. Whoopi wonders how MD is feeling, he says he feels good.

Joy moves to The Kominsky Method, won a Golden Globe for his role. MD says he doesn’t do a lot of comedy, there’s so much involved with timing, many people don’t think it’s really acting. Meghan says Catherine Zeto Jones was Her Dad ™ celebrity crush. MD says his wife wants her own birthday (they have the same mm dd). Lists other celebs with the same birthday.

[His speech pattern seems different, could be after-effect from his cancer]

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

This is exhausting

The inquiry is occurring in a secure location because it’s akin to grand jury testimony. When the inquiry ends, the evidence will be presented to the full House. In the meantime, Dem and GOP members of committees are allowed to attend. They must follow security protocols for electronic devices as well as not disclosing information learned during the witness testimonies. The GOP are lying trash and anyone including The View panel who blah blahs about secrecy needs to shut up and go away. [Hey View interns who browse Ontd I’m talking to you]

Whoopi starts off. Yesterday Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL), convicted drunk driver and overall putz, stormed the House chamber with dozens of his racist friends to hold a Klan rally. Well, actually he led other House Republicans to the basement where Impeachment Inquiry testimony was taking place inside the SCIF. Joy says they’re scared. TRE45ON called his opposers human scum. Fear and cowardice. Sunny says T45 is also afraid. In law, the saying is if you can’t attack the facts, then you have to attack the process. Sunny says there are 103 members in investigation, 43 are Republicans who are allowed to participate. Sunny says it felt like witness intimidation. Abby is distracted by Joy’s pharmacy, she has a cold but isn’t contagious anymore.

Abby doesn’t feel she belongs in this time in history, everything is a spectacle. Matt Gaetz is filming an HBO show, led the crew in with him. Other Republicans were asking to be arrested on purpose. There’s no substance. Joy says 90% of GOP still back T45. Meghan hates political stunts. Notes in 2016 when Dems held sit in, thought it was optics. Doesn’t think any party should do it. Congress has 13% approval rating, get out of Congress, Matt. Talks about SCIF being completely secure. Abby says Gowdy praised the closed Benghazi hearings but now look at GOP hypocrisy. Meghan has a rant. Joy says let it all come out, in about 3 weeks there will be public tv hearings. Meghan says sunlight is the best infectant. Red state blah blah. Sunny says 55% approve of impeachment inquiry and it keeps growing. Abby talks timing, needs to be done by end of year.

Hot Topic Do You Date Your Coworker

Whoopi says some companies have policies against office dating. Cosmo survey says 800 millennial women don’t have a problem with it. Joy says that’s where you meet people. Abby doesn’t have a problem with it. You’re an adult. Unless you’re an assistant and your boss is the CEO, you can handle your own business. Joy wonders what happens when you break up and the person has power. Sunny thinks it’s a bad idea. So many other ways to meet people. Joy says sometimes you can’t help yourself, teases about Brian the producer. Meghan says dating is a landmine, where is the line, if you have any kind of power, set boundaries. Doesn’t know what society’s rules are. Says she knows a guy who’s afraid to kiss someone because they’re not sure about non-verbal cues. Abby says a friend in banking doesn’t do happy hour with women anymore. We’ve divided ourselves as much as possible, doesn’t like it. People are too afraid to do anything. Whoopi says you know when to kiss someone when you ask them, bye.

Hot Topic You In Danger London


Whoopi will be doing a limited summer run of Sister Act in London. She’ll perform her original role Deloris van Cartier for 7 weeks. Also plugs Mario Cantone’s show, extraordinary voice, funny. Great martinis.

Hot Topic Australia Kmart Pulled Halloween Costume

Whoopi says every Halloween at least one costume sets people off. Kmart in Australia pulled a costume Dangerous, offensive, horribly irresponsible. Costume is a wedding gown but for child size. Shows photo of Joy as bride holding baby. Meghan wanted to be Evil Knievel. Tells story, still wanted to dress like him. Costume doesn’t indicate who you will be in life. Panel gets off topic Idk. Whoopi says her granddaughter Charlie Rose [that coincidental name didn’t age well lol] is going as Chucky but she’s not going to grow up and kill people. Give kids one day of candy. Sunny doesn’t like sexy child costumes.

Hot Topic Disney On Broadway Medley

All female line-up. Get tickets for 25th Anniversary Equity Concert on 4 November.

. Patty Murin, Frozen (Anna)
. Heather Hedley, The Lion King (Nala)
. Ashley Brown, Mary Poppins
. Merle Dandridge, Tarzan (Kala)
. Susan Egan, Beauty and the Beast (Belle)
. Caissie Levy, Frozen (Elsa)

Hot Topic Also

The panel remembers a former View colleague who passed at age 39 yrs old of ovarian cancer, leaving behind a husband and twin toddlers. She had been an aid to Barbara Walters among other roles on the show.

Ontd I'm bored today are you bored today?

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