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The View: Cameron Douglas, RuPaul Drag Race, Shooter Jennings, Impeachapalooza, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Abby, Sunny, and Meghan. Joy is still out sick.

Cameron Douglas

Cameron Douglas is the son of actor Michael Douglas. He is promoting his book Long Way Home that covers his troubled life with addiction, incarceration, recovery.

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
[I don’t know what I expected but he seems humble. Also those Douglas chin genes are strong.]
Whoopi thinks people assume those who come from famous parents, wealth, that life is brilliant. But Cameron started drugs at age 13. CD says there’s lots of people who were dealt a more difficult hand than him, but drug abuse and addiction knows no boundaries. Writing the book helped him make some sense of his past. Can’t change his mistakes but might be helpful to those who are struggling as well as loved ones and families who have a loved one who is an addict. Sunny covers details, robbed people at gunpoint, his dad said he feared CD was going to kill someone, be killed, or die himself. CD says no matter how much you love someone, there’s only so much you can do, you just have to hope they find a way out. Abby covers more details when he was at his lowest. CD talks about his mindset during that time. Felt truly lost. Abby asks how that led to selling drugs. CD says he was hired to do a movie shooting in Ireland, about 2 mos earlier he developed a her0in habit. Flash forward drama, then family said he could part ways with his gf and check in to in-patient rehab or he was on his own. He was ashamed at being fired, he was loyal to gf who had stuck by him during dark times, chose the latter option, he was nearly living on the street.

Whoopi talks about a lot of people who don’t have families that stick by them. But his family never gave up on him. CD says it’s not only drug addicts who get forgotten, but other types of criminals. He spent almost 8 yrs in prison, including 2 yrs in solitary confinement [Yikes. He was placed there because another inmate broke his leg]. Sunny didn’t understand why someone with an addition would be put in solitary. CD says it was necessary at first, but then it became torture. Abby talks about him getting out, now he has a 2 yr old girl. Shows photo. CD talks about how his daughter is his life now. He loves his family but once he had a child, she’s a source of inspiration.

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

Whoopi covers Bill Taylor testimony. Plays clip. Blah di blah for GOP liars and apologists. The GOP can’t make up their mind if he did it and it was ok and perfect or if he did not do it at all even though he said he did do it. [head explodes] Abby says Bill Taylor is the best, of course he should be believed. He was called back from retirement to serve his country. His interest was serving America not TRE45ON. Worst player is Sondland, thinks he should come back [Yes because he committed perjury]. Meghan says this is a hot mess.

Whoopi says Taylor served under every president since Reagan, he’s not a partisan hack. Sunny says read his 15 pg opening remarks. He’s a career diplomat and TRE45ON is who brought him back. Taylor outlines the regular and irregular channels, with Rudy Colludy running the backchannel that TRE45ON knew about and is running a shadow government. People think T45 doesn’t understand, when really he’s running a shadow government on purpose. [Deep state claims, always projecting, it’s ~his deep state]. Whoopi says T45 didn’t even know these people (because he's working only with his cronies). Meghan says she’d love to spin but says it’s a smoking gun. Sunny thinks this is like an episode of Scandal. Meghan feel like it’s an alternate portal, it’s surreal like a tv show or movie, hard for her to see people she respected sell their soul to the devil.

Hot Topic Meghan Birthday with Guests

Two more clips behind the cut [Spoiler (click to open)]

Panel comes out to Shooter Jennings Bound to Get Down in honor of Meghan 35th birthday. Says she’s a little weird about this birthday. Time that you talk about kids and she still wants to dress like Johnny Cash. Eddie Munster Paul Ryan wished her hbd via video. She talks about The Barrow Neurological Foundation on behalf of Her Dad™ to treat and find a cure for glioblastoma.

Second clip from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Nina West and Monét X Change celebrate Meghan’s birthday

Shooter Jennings, who also performed at her wedding, performs Rhinestone Eyes.

Hot Topic Baby Shark in Lebanon

Plays clip. Baby Shark. Mom in Lebanon drove past protesters, worried about her child in the car seat might get frightened. Group of protesters were protesting economic austerity. They comforted the toddler by singing Baby Shark. Abby says the song will be the death of her. Her daughter never gets sick of it. Abby is going to hunt down whoever created the song. Meghan sends her stuff about Baby Shark. Whoopi says she does it with Charlie (her grandchild). Meghan mentions Peppa Pig, Whoopi wonders why Charlie calls her Pippa, they all have accents now.

Hot Topic Also

Sunny has a new podcast Have You Seen This Man. This is in addition to her new show that premieres tonight on Investigation Discovery. Talks about the criminal on the podcast. He was at the ~Shawshank prison, was let out to Christmas shop, he never returned. His family refers to him in the present tense, so they know he’s alive. He r/ped and murdered a 14 yr old girl who planned to be a nun.

Ontd do you sing Baby Shark?

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