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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way - "The One Where 'Muricans Gang Up on Aladin" Reunion Recap

- It's part two of Shaun Johnson being a failure
- Aladin wants a divorce
- The Pissbaby won't stop smiling and laughing and shit talks Aladin
- The Koreaboo and Jailbreak Jihoon sit down the worst host to recount their relationship and Jihoon not getting his shit together for his family
- Mama Jihoon is not feeling the Koreaboo
- Gotta Know When to Hold Em, Know When to Fold 'Em has yet to hold his daughter
- Cold Shoulder Expert says she'll never trust her husband, the 'Muricans are on her side. She even controls his debit card transactions from a whole ass other continent
- damn, we're not feeling any sympathy for the Rons (quite fucked in OP's opinion)
- WHEYAMIN: Mah boi had every right to be pissed off about you forgetting his money
- So why isn't Jenny super duper whuper upset that Sumit/Sue me/ Some mead (or the iterations that she says) is married. OP thinks she fucking knew
- Shaun finally asked a decent question and Sumit is still a liar (*throws chocolate!)
- Oh shut up, Rinsing Kween
- Karine was over there getting (how do you say COINT in Portuguese?)
- Mother Pole is putting her foot down and cutting Pole off
- Brigham Young University is trying to be White Montel Williams


ONTD, how many frequent fliers miles would you use to get some international booty? And would you sleep on the plane or try to research the customs of your hookup's host nation?
Tags: 90 day fiance, reality show, television - tlc

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