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Rose Leslie’s dad forced to ask her for cash after family castle repossessed

— Rose Leslie's dad borrowed money from the actress and her hubby after the family castle was repossessed. Her family were ejected from their ancestral home last year  following a dispute with a finance firm over loan repayments. The castle was put on the market for £1.3million by the Leslie family in 2013 but failed to find a buyer. "Together Commercial Finance Limited" took control of the property after   it was repossessed following a court hearing at Aberdeen Sheriff  Court. The company then advertised the castle for sale at offers over  £700,000 but was sold in july to a couple from Merseyside for just  £650,000.

But bizarrely, he claimed he deliberately chose to have the castle taken away from him to “make a point”.

He said: “I had to reveal this level of corruption that exists within  the Bank of Scotland. We needed to fight this and that’s why it went to  the wire and why it’s done so much harm to the family.”

—  Her father is now an independent councillor after he was suspended from the Tories over unpaid council tax bill. He plans to stand as a Westminster candidate for the Brexit Party but  claims Russian cash was slipped into his account to hamper his election  bid. (BISH PLEASE).

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Tags: game of thrones (hbo), kit harington, marvel, politics, the good wife / the good fight (cbs)

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