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The 25 (5) best shows of the decade

18. GLOW - (Netflix)

What makes the show such a knockout is its refusal to water down the complexity of its characters. The core of the series is a friendship between aspiring actress Ruth and former soap star Debbie— fractured by betrayal and diverging ambitions, and Gilpin's performance has only gotten more thrilling by the season as the show, through her, explores the price of power in show business. But even as the series goes deep, it still manages to deliver all the neon-soaked joy that spandex Trojan horse promised. It's a sharp, divinely funny triumph.

13. POWER (Starz)

An ultra-cool soundtrack, a fast-paced plot filled with breakneck twists and Shakespearean betrayals, and bold characters who liven up the screen make this sexy and unapologetically violent series quintessential viewing. Power is unique in that its loyal audience, which propelled the show to become Starz's most-watched drama, wasn't built in. The hype around the series started as a grassroots campaign, with word of mouth doubling its audience by the end of the first season. This show may not have received the critical acclaim it deserves, but the show leaves behind an undeniable legacy as one of the most engaging crime shows ever.

11. The Good Place (NBC)

Its wide-open view of the afterlife gives Michael Schur's comedy a lot of room to move and lean into its love of visual jokes. But what makes the series a must-watch is how its central troupe of deeply flawed and often unlikable characters have, chapter after chapter, grown into people we can love and root for to find their elusive happy ending, if it even exists. The show is hilarious, touching, perfectly paced, and going out on its own terms after a heavenly little run.

6. Better Call Saul - (AMC)

This show may not have the murder and meth-making mayhem of Breaking Bad, but the downslide of Jimmy McGill into Saul Goodman is just as impressive of a character study as the transformation of Walter White. Additionally, with extraordinary performances from a stellar cast led by Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn, stunning cinematography, and elaborate cons as methodical as anything Heisenberg pulled off, Better Call Saul is a lot more like Breaking Bad than most think.

1. The Americans (FX)

A story about a man and awoman forced to come together and start a family under the pressure of espionage behind enemy lines obviously became a pressure cooker for a spy drama, but it was the family drama that served as the beating heart. Though few of us can claim to be Russian agents, Philip and Elizabeth's marriage and the occupational complications that threatened to undermine it became metaphors for every relationship and couple raising a family, and the way Philip and Elizabeth handled them grounded the show in stark reality.

Also the series finale is one of the finest series-closers in television history.

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